Kylie: Change in the Weather

With Chika safely stowed in the Pokeball on my belt and my new pokedex in my pocket I felt ready for anything. I slung my bag over my shoulder and turned to the nearest trainer.

"Hi, I'm Kylie." I said, sticking out my hand.

"Jay, Foxx." The trainer said, shaking my hand.

"Maybe we could travel together for a bit?" I ask, feeling bold. Jay nods, slinging his own bag onto his back. I grin and turn to the other trainers, Three of them seem to have already joined into a group, and there's one other who already left, almost disappearing down the road.

I ran forward a few steps.

"Come on guys! Adventure awaits!" I shout. The trio laughs and goes back to whatever they were doing in a huddle. Jay, however, runs past me.

"What are you waiting for?" He yells, leaving me behind. I run after him until the lab is out of sight.

"Must.... stop.... running!" I gasp, leaning against a tree off the road.

"Okay, little break." Jay agrees. I slump down onto the ground and dig my canteen out of my bag. After a few minutes, ad gulps of water, I stop gasping and put my canteen away. I close my eyes for a second and feel the sun and breeze on my face... what was that smell? Oh yeah,

"It's going to rain tonight." I say with certainty. "Let's try to make it to the next town before dark." Jay starts to nod when we both hear a rustling in the grass behind the tree.

"It's a wild Pokemon! I got it!" Jay whispers, reaching for his pokemon, but before either of us could do anything there was a flash of red light and a triumphant shout.

"Yes! My first Pokemon!" One of the other trainers cried, holding up a pokeball. Jay and I groan and slump against the tree.

"So much for that." Jay grumps. "I wonder what it was."

"Moving right along." I say, cheerfully. "Rain tonight."

The End

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