Who's that Pokemon?


Starlya yawned, rolling over and hitting the alarm on her bedside table. The sound of  silence was blissful after listening to a Spearow chirping away as her alarm clock. It seemed to be the only thing that would wake her up after every other Pokemon she had tried to use as an alarm clock.

Brushing her long, black hair off of her face, she rolled out of bed and shuffled over to the wardrobe that contained her less than imaginative wardrobe. Chucking on a white t-shirt, black shorts with braces and pulling her hair up into a ponytail with her pretty much trademark red ribbon, she was ready to go to the lab and get her first ever Pokemon.

She made her way downstairs and waved at her dad who was reading the morning newspaper. Her mother had long-since disappeared so her father had been raising her since as long as she could remember. He was the one person in her life who mattered to her and that was the way it would stay for was long as she could see into the future.

"I know today is your big day, sweetheart, but I want you to know that I will always be here for you no matter what," her father assured her, hugging her tightly. Starlya nodded her head and hugged him back before heading out into town and over to the lab. Once she stepped inside, she was surprised that so man people had turned up.

"So, can I get my Pokemon now?" Starkya asked, picking up a pokeball and opening it. A small Eevee came out and tilted his head at her. "Perfect."

The End

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