Myles: I choose you!

"What about this one?" Willow asked groaning with the sigh of a bored and tired old man. I dropped my eyes onto the blue pokemon before me. It stood next to a long line of pokemon all of which I had dismissed without much delibiration; but this one, this pokemon right here, was special. "This is Totodile, the Big Jaw pokemon"

"Let me inspect it" I announced, not daring to remove my eyes from the small crocodile. With a great deal of force, I wrenched its mouth open to inspect its teeth. Each one was perfectly pointy...and deadly. "What attacks does it know?"

"Uh, well, its still young, so only Scratch and Leer" I lifted up its tail and the Totodile roared into action. I barely got to see its shining teeth before they sunk into my arm. As I was desperately trying to free my arm from its mouth, all Willow could muster was a low "oh, I guess it also knows Bite"

When the Totodile was eventually dislodged from my arm, I got to appreciate it up close. It's large eyes seemed to speak a thousand words. I could tell, that sat in my blood-soaked hands was a creature of great power and potential. "I'll take this one" Willow looked releived but that all drained from his face as I departed.

"Aren't you going to wait for anyone else"

"Yeah" someone else chirped in "I thought we could travel as a group"

I stopped in my tracks. Turned my head ever so slightly, so one fringe covered eye glared at the bemused group "Why would I ever want to travel around with you. Come on Dundee, we've got some badges to collect"

I left that lab thinking that was to be the last time I'd ever so that bunch. It turns out they're harder to get rid off that the plague.   

The End

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