Tall Grass


Hello there! Welcome to the world of pokemon! My name is Willow! People call me the pokemon Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called pokemon! For some people, pokemon are pets. Others use them for fights. As for Myself-

"Yeah whatever" I muttered as I skipped past the boring parts of the email that I had already read. I had received it a few days ago from Grandpa Willow.

I know that you've probably skipped everything until this part Randy, so I'll get to the point. You and 5 other kids have been chosen to receive pokemon and go on a fantastic adventure!

I double checked to make sure that today was the day, then I ran down the stairs and was just heading out the door when my mom spotted me.

"Randy! You weren't going to leave without saying goodbye were you?"

"Uh... no. Of course not." I was going to actually. My mom could get really emotional and I didn't want to start the day off with her crying.

"Well... I guess this is goodbye then..." she sniffed and wiped her eyes. "All boys leave home sometime, it said so on t.v., but that doesn't make this any easier."

"Yeah... well don't worry mom. I'll be all right, and I'll make you proud ok?"

"Ohhh come here honey!" And she pulled me into hug. After a minute or two, I began to pull away. I had to get going, I was already late!

"Ok mom. I have to go alright?"

"Alright... here's my number in case you need to call me ok?"

"Alright. Bye."

"Goodbye Randy."

I shot out the door, and started down the path to Grandpa's lab. I looked at my watch,


Almost ten minutes late! It took almost 5 minutes to run down the path to the lab, and then I'd be really late. I probably wouldn't even get to chose a pokemon! I stopped and considered my options. I could take a shortcut through the tall grass... it wouldn't be too dangerous, and I would get there faster. 

I took off running, and wade into the grass without hesitation. After a few steps, I thought I heard growling. I came to a halt and looked around. It didn't look like anything was there... I started off again, a little slower this time. I heard the growling again and it was closer. The grass rustled to my left, and I saw eyes peek out at me!

I-it was a wild pokemon! I began sprinting full gallop and would have kept going had I not heard a familiar voice call out,

"Hey, wait, don't go out there!"

My grandpa came up huffing and puffing beside me. His arrival seemed to have startled whatever had been following me, I could see the grass moving as the wild pokemon fled.

"That was close! Wild pokemon live in tall grass, you know that Randy! Why in the world would you go in without a pokemon to protect yourself?"

"I didn't want to be late! And, I don't have a pokemon... I'm getting mine today remember?"

My grandpa's glare softened a little, "Yes. I know, that's why I'm here actually. When you didn't show up, I was worried that something happened and I went to look for you. Guess it was a good thing I did."

"Y-yeah." I said a little shakily.

"Well come on then! Most of the others are already at the lab!"

So with my grandfather to protect me, we continued through the tall grass towards his Lab, where my pokemon journey would begin.

The End

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