Kylie: Wake Up Call

A group of determined young authors will embark on their own Pokemon Journey. Meeting up as Friends along the way, and maybe making a few enemies? Who knows in the WONDERFUL WORLD OF POKEMON!

The Sun streamed through my window as a Murcrow cawed loudly from the tree outside. Bleary eyed I opened my window. At the sound, the murcrow stopped suddenly, then started again, as loud as ever.

"Go away you obnoxious bird!"I yell at it. I then close my window and the flop back into my pillows, planning on going back to sleep. I manage,, for a moment to go back to my a dream about a garden and... an Oddish! Look a Bulbasaur! OH WAIT! My eyes snap open and i jolt upright. Today's the day! I'm going to start my pokemon journey! I leap up on top of my covers punching my fist into the air. I hop off my bed and get dressed in a rush, pulling my tshirt over my head as i head for my bedroom door. Grabbing my prepacked bag from the kitchen I head out the back door. "I'm ready to go get my Pokemon, Mom." I say

"Oh is it that day already!" My mother stood up from her place at the edge of the vegetable garden, dusting earth off of her hands and knees. "Oh, honey! I'm so proud of you!" She pulled me into a hug, her bellossom glided up next to us, wrapping her little arms around our knees. I crouched down to say goodbye to her too.

"I'll see you later, Petal, ok? Help mom out a lot!"

"Bell-bellossom!" Petal nodded and glided away. I stood again, this time to leave.

I waved as i left the back gate, then squaring my shoulders and looking straight ahead I started on my journey.

At the lab:

There were several new trainers here today, they were all standing around looking at the different options. The Pokeballs were arranged by type, in little insulated glass cases, each with a picture of the pokemon next to it. I went to the grass type section immediately. I knew what i was good at, and it was gardening, a grass type would be the one for me.

Bulbasaur is cute, but i need something a bit more compact, chikorita! I opened the case and took out the pokeball. With a flash of light, the Chikorita was on the floor next to me.

"Chika!" It chirped.

"Hi, Chika, welcome to the team!"

The End

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