Victoria's breath caught in her chest as she watched the grotesque shadow beast become even more distorted as it's lithe unnatural body shriveled and willed into ashes. It left behind the smell of rotting flesh. Victoria nearly gagged on the vile aroma.

Carefully she shoved off of her feet and backed out of the small canvased area, watching as life faded from Harold's eyes. He was muttering incomprehensibly. It was clear he was delirious.

Victoria picked up the sword and began to walk away from the camp. She paused in her tracks and turned to spare one last glance at Harold. She should have been able to savor the moment of his death.However something clicked inside of Victoria

Her humanity.

Harold lay on the floor of the forest helplessly with his shirt torn open to his wound. In the end it proved to be too much for Victoria to just leave him. The thought of him becoming a feast to the shadow beasts was sickening. Reluctantly she made her way over to him.

Tentatively, Victoria knelt over Harold. She did her best to ignore the hard defined ab muscles exposed from the torn fabric of his shirt. She might Kill Harold yet, but it would be on her own terms.

She knelt her head down and dug her hands into the flesh of his stomach before lowering her mouth to his side. His skin felt warm under her lips. Slowly she began to suckle the open wound, careful not to swallow his poisoned blood. She ripped a piece of her cloth from his shirt and spit the venom into it after a minute or so. She continued doing this until Harold began to stir. He groaned as his eyes fluttered open. She grinned against his skin.

He was at her mercy now.

“Almost done,”he whimpered. Briefly there eyes met, before Victoria planted her mouth on his wound one more time.

A minute later Victoria pulled away and wiped the poisonous blood from her mouth. Instinctively she tore Harold's shirt off all of the way. “Stand up, she instructed. Harold did so slowly. And Victoria knelt before him. She reached around his waist and wound the fabric around him a couple times. She tore the excess off the excess fabric with her teeth and tied a tight flat knot over the wound, where pressure needed to be applied most.

Victoria allowed Harold to help her off her knees. “We need to find a doctor. That wound is deep and you will only hinder me and draw attention to our cause if your leaving a trail of tainted blood. And also... you need a shirt.” She averted her eyes.

Harold cleared his throat. “Yes, well...thank you.”

Victoria smiled and nodded at him. She knew it had hurt his pride to mutter those words.


Minutes later they packed up camp and made there way cautiously through the dark forest. They were both exhausted by the time they reached the nearest opening. They followed a dark dirt road for some time. Victoria resented the night and the dark. It was true that it was the most dangerous time of day in the Nevelock. She sighed when at long last they saw light shinning from lanterns in rows alongside small cottages.

“How do we know where the doctor is?” Harold asked as he hobbled his way over towards her.

Victoria ignored him and walked ahead a few paces. She studied the cottages. They were all grouped closely together. The village was full of stores and merchant districts. Small business alined either side of the street. Victoria glanced at a small shack. The door was painted red. All of the doctors in all of the villages in the Nevelock had that one common trait. The red door. A terrible sign of hope.

“This way!” Victoria yelled back at Harold. Already she could see his blood seeping through the makeshift bandage. She wiped her mouth with her hand. The coppery taste of his blood lingered in her mouth. Victoria began to feel queasy. She needed water to rinse the vile taste and perhaps some rum to make her forget the feel of Harold's skin under her mouth again, she thought with bitter sarcasm.

The End

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