The ConveyorMature

The walk was long, but Harold didn't mind. He needed time to think. 

One Warlock was a challenge, but a city of them was downright dangerous. What would they do to get it? How would they get back out? How would they rescue his daughter?

It seemed pointless. 

"Well, do you have a plan?" Victoria shouted to him. 

They were on a broad road that sliced through the Grados Plains north of the town he had met Victoria in. Since they left, Harol made sure she was nowhere near him while they walked or slept. Her Holy magic was useless on him, true, but his shadow magic was also useless on her. Luckily, she had no idea of this. But, Harold didn't take chances. The woman had already proved to be dangerous without weapons.

"I could give you to them..." Harold muttered, seriously thinking about the statement.

"What did you say!?" Victoria yelled maliciously. 

"Nothing!" Harold snapped. He was seriously hating this. Not only had he a nearly impossible task in front of him, but he had to deal with the mother of his child: The damnable High Virgin.

Not to mention she was the daughter of him. Harol had been shocked at the revelation of just who Victoria's father was. No wonder she had come for revenge... Harold still remembered ramming the very sword at his hip through the general's heart, his eyes filled with fear and appreciation. 

Harold shivered.

"Woman!" Harold called back, "Come here!"

Victoria came, with a scowl shining her way to him. "I will not be called like some dog!" She snapped. Harold just ignored her.

"In order to get in," Harold said, ignoring the menacing look that bore into his face, "We will need to either have permission or proof that we are Warlocks. I know a man who can give use the documents for permission, but it won't be easy." 

A look of determination came into Victoria's eyes. "What do we need to do?" She said. Harold stared for a moment. He couldn't help but admire that determination. He had thought that she was just some woman who realized they had lost their favorite chair in a bet and felt bad for doing so, but now... Now, he realized that she truly cared for Rowan. 

"Is there something on my face?" Victoria scowled. 

Harold shook himself out of his trance. "Uh... It will depend on what he wants." For a minute, Harold saw Victoria get a look of fear and anger, which he immediately realized what it stood for. "Don't worry," he assured, "He doesn't like your type."

She scowled again, which made Harold wonder if that was her normal face. "What do you mean 'my type?'" 

"He is an Anti-Magic enthusiast," Harold replied, walking faster to move away from Victoria. "He is trusted by the Warlocks because they have a good trade going. The man is known as the Conveyor, because he relays information for the Warlocks." Harold smiled back at his companion grimly. "Luckily, he hates those bastards as much as we do."

Victoria nodded and they continued on. Harold really hoped for a change in the girls personality. He knew the reason for her hatred now, but she must know that they needed to work together now.

For their daughter's sake.

The End

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