Sleeping with the EnemeyMature

Victoria raised her dagger and charged at her father's killer, Harold Gensin. The rage inside her, was possibly the highest magnitude of emotion she had ever experienced.. As a high and holy figure, harming a person was out of the question, and killing a man was simply ludicrous. She pushed the thoughts away. She was out for vengeance, she couldn't afford to second guess herself. She lunged at the man. He was in an odd trance and became caught off guard when she ran full force at him. She landed awkwardly on top of the man. The blade was poised over his chest. Harold wore an odd smile and his eyes darkened proactively. Intent on watching the life fade from his eyes, she ignored the odd expression on his face. Victoria straddled the man's hips. Before she could steady her hand and plunge the knife into his beating heart a new emotion struck her. It was like a bullet to her chest. The dagger fell to the planks of the wooden floor with a solid clank.

Victoria was overcome with longing for Harold. He was the handsomest man she had ever laid eyes on. Instinctively she swept a strand of long black hair out of his striking face, to get a better view of his alluring eyes. Without any hesitation she fed into her desires.

Victoria lowered her mouth onto his. He responded eagerly to her kiss. Their tongues lashed out against each other with a hunger that Victoria had never known before. Harold lowered her cloak, and her hands roamed beneath his shirt. She allowed him to scoop her up and carry her over to his large bed. The sheets were red and silky, her head rested on at least a dozen hand crafted feather pillows. The bed was regal and fit for a general.

As Harold worked on shedding his clothes she studied him enticingly. She couldn't remember her reason for coming , but she was sure it had something to do with the beautiful man before her. Quickly he turned his attention towards her, making haste with the many hooks and strings on her dress, before loosing patience and tearing the garment away. Victoria returned his affections trailing kisses along his neckline and gently sucking on his ear lobe. Harold choked back a strangled growl, before pushing her gently back on the bed. He gazed upon her wordlessly. The only thing she wore now was a chain around her neck that held her mother's wedding band. It fell between the nearly visible valley between her breasts. Harold moved the necklace and kissed her tenderly in that spot while massaging her large and usually obscured breasts. Victoria closed her eyes and bit her lip to keep from screaming from the sensation. Harold's hands moved to her flat stomach eventually finding his way to her slender hips. He dug his nails eagerly into her skin. Their eyes met briefly. Victoria arched her back, growing tired of his teasing. She had never so much as kissed a man before, but Harold, who she had only just met, had possessed her every desire. She knew she wanted all of him. Waiting any longer was out of the question. Harold smiled ruefully at her, lowering his mouth to hers yet again.

A small rational part of Victoria's mind screamed at her to stop. Harold was going to make a sinner out of her. In that moment it only made her want him more.

The End

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