"Harold! Harold Gensin!"

Harold looked over his desk to see a small boy peeking in his office. Did no one knock these days? Harold felt like pulling his sword and challenging the boy, but instead sighed and swiped his medium length black hair from his face. He needed to keep his temper in check, he knew.

"General Harold Gensin!" Harold growled, causing the boy to jump slightly, "Now, enter and tell me what you have to say!" The boy wore the cap and suit of a messenger from the king. That would be the fifth one today. 

"The king requests your report and-"

"I know!" Harold shouted, not caring that he lost his temper. The boy jumped again. Skittish little fellow. "You may leave."

As the boy left, Harold got back to his reports. He wished he was still a soldier. As a soldier, you never had to deal with reports, only orders. It was simple. Now, since the great king had decided to name Harold a general for his feat, which he still felt guilty for, he was awarded the position of general. Of course, he was still under the Head General and the king, but no one else was higher. Though it had sounded great at the time, Harold realized it wasn't great at all.

Another knock.

"Come in," Harold said slowly, trying not to sound menacing. 

The door creaked inward, revealing a small man that Harold recognized as one of the cook's assistants. He held a trey with a bottle and glass. It was the only silver lining in the dark cloud that was his day as well. 

"Your wine, sir," the man said slowly, placing the trey on the edge of his desk. Harold thanked the man and dismissed him. 

Instead of pouring himself a glass, Harold just grabbed the bottle and guzzled it's contents down, enjoying the warmth the wine brought him. It was almost like he was back in the year before, drinking wine with his friends and not worrying about the worries of the world.

After drinking nearly half the delicious wine, Harold managed to stop himself and focus on work once more. Although it was nothing but reports from the border guards and their deployed soldiers, they were still important. Also, the Head General and the king might be angry if he didn't have them finished soon.

Another knock came to the door, this time alerting Harold. He knew the messenger's schedule due to the sheer amount of annoyance it had caused him and he just had a visit from the kitchen for his wine. Who could it be, then? 

Accessing his shadow magic, which he had been strongly gifted with, he enhanced his eyesight to see through the door. Harold had once heard Holy magic could let you see anyone you willed it to, but he had never had the talent for it. Pity.

A girls face came in to his sight. Harold lost his breath. She was... beautiful. 

As if in a rush, Harold felt himself long for that woman. It was almost like... He needed her to live. But... Who was she, this goddess?

"C-come in!" Harold yelled.

The End

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