Two rivals are poisoned by a High Warlock, with a love potion. They fall slave to the poison's magic properties and are unable to resist temptation....
That night changed their lives forever. The two rivals meet up again five years later, as the child they bore is kidnapped. In efforts to save the Prodigy child, they must put aside their differences and fight rabid beasts, and creatures with vast powers of shadow magic.

In the Kingdom of Nesburrow a large strip of land became the focal point of a war. The land had once belonged to Nesburrow's late King Desomond, before a new tribe, endowed with both holy and shadow magick, had moved into Nesburrow.

The king was nervous of their arrival. He was cautious, yet tolerant, thought it wasn't enough. The tribe over ruled him. They took residence in the land near the river, claiming it as their own. An entire kingdom was built within a year, thanks to the tribe's magic. Nobody dared challenge the tribe or it's leader out of fear that their would be a blockade and their trade would be cut off. Nesburrow became a kingdom of servants, who's only will was survival. As long as the tribe and new King of the land now renamed Torgus ,allowed for them to use their port, they would not step a toe out of line.

Five decades later King Richard took to the throne in Nesburrow, with new and dangerous ideals. His people were put on a strict trade limit, due to Torgus's high and demanding population. They ate scant amounts of fish, and even their water was restricted. They were treated no better than peasants. Even King Richard was under a strict command, he only had so much power over his people. Though, it was their respect he earned, and like a cat with a mouse, he ran with it.

He organized a secret uprising, training and fighting men. Weapons were welded out of scrap materials. They trained vigorously, day and night. A year later they assassinated the King of Torgus in a well thought out ambush.

The kingdom of Torgus was quick to retaliate. The population of Nesburrow, was obliterated, nearly cut in half. One of those casualties was Heston Roslyn, the commanding general. Roslyn left behind an eighteen year old daughter, Victoria.

Victoria Roslyn was a quiet girl, she had been placed in a convent when Robert's wife died in childbirth. Victoria, was beautiful; her skin as smooth as porcelain, and she had the dark, soulful eyes of a doe. Her long hair was tucked back, in a braid, as was only appropriate. Victoria was chosen at the young age of six to become a High Virgin. As one of eight she was blessed with holy magick. Her duty in life was to serve the high priestess as well as Nesburrow, with her healing magic. Like the other high virgins, she had become like a daughter to the Immortal High Priestess Jezebell. The priestess thrived on the innocence of the High virgins, it fueled her with a higher degree of holy magic, thus protecting Nesburrow.

The first time Victoria left the convent, was for her father's funeral. The loss, had tainted her morals. The sense of peace and inner calm that she was said to have, was replaced with hurt, and a need for vengeance. It was all triggered by one tiny detail at her father's funeral. He was not buried with his sword. It was shocking that his body had been sent back without it. Every solider was buried with theirs. Victoria's cheeks reddened. She walked to the open casket, and closed it, preventing her father's death from becoming any more of a spectacle.

Once she was alone with her thoughts, Victoria used her holy magick for her own bidding, something that was prohibited and punishable by law. She closed her eyes and sought out a name and a face to put to her father's killer. After awhile an image formed an her mind, soon to be accompanied with a name. The man wore a smug smile, as he held her father's sword up high into the air. Victoria's eyes shot open with anguish. She steadied her ragged breathing and quietly pledged to her father's soul. She would find his sword, and bury him with it, and see that the man who killed and disgraced him was served justice.

The End

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