Free Verse 2

I didn't know what was happening, all I knew was that I was in the water, and I was getting dragged deeper and deeper. It felt like your arms were wrapped tight around me but at the same time I felt alone. Everything was flashing, each spectrum of light glimmering and blinding me.
I propelled upwards but it started getting darker. All I could see was your face, darling. Your arms outstretched towards me, safeness promised in your eyes.
My arms and legs felt like they were trapped in wet cement, they were so heavy and I couldn't move, I couldn't even twitch my fingers. I saw your eyes twinkle, they twinkled like the stars and the ocean was your beautiful night sky.
I saw your face transform into the moon. The sea that was washing over you became grey clouds and the stars were shining even brighter than before.
I was colder than ice and I shuddered so violently I could hear my teeth smashing together, again and again and again, but I wasn't getting any warmer.
I think I was out of the water now, I felt so vulnerable, as if my bones would just shatter into ashes right there and then.
Something trickled from my lips, blood or water, I wasn't sure, but it tasted awful. I could smell you, I could feel you all around me, but when I reached for you, you wasn't there. I could feel sharp rocks beneath me, their own blades cutting into my white skin, my warm blood was escaping from the cuts all over my body and I was sure I was going to die.
You were holding me again and I wanted to pull you closer to me but you wouldn't, why wouldn't you come closer? I needed you.
Without you I could feel myself drifting away, my consciousness was slipping through your fingers like little tiny grains of sand, everything was going black.
I was the sand in the wind and I was floating away.

The End

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