Free Verse

Your eyes were the stars that hung so low and clear in the night sky. They sparkled like the moonlight against the rippling water and stayed close enough to touch.
The trees were statues, still and silent, quiet observers of the night. The moon felt bright enough to burn me, as pale as your face, as soft as the fingertips that wove through my hair so gently you felt like a summer breeze.
Your lips looked so dry and cracked, the twin of your heart, but when we kissed they felt like those of an angel's, and I didn't want to let go.
I didn't want this night to be over and I didn't want the ocean to carry you away like I knew it would. I would be left alone on these grains of sand with nothing but the summer breeze running through my hair and these useless observing trees. They wouldn't help me and neither could you, the stars had disappeared from the sky and been replaced with a blue that didn't belong.

The End

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