Craving your light

Into the deepest darkest light I went

because I saw light, not shadow in you

I wanted to be the one

The one who turned burning to glowing

But you wouldn't have it

It was an invaison to you

Instead of fixed you thought you would be broken in.

I don't just want to fix you

I want to do those things men and women do...

I want to say those things they say

Feel what they feel

But you pushed me out of your light and into the darkness

I feel around the dark

and try and find an exit

But there's no escape for me




Derek woke up to the sound of bottles crashing together. He lifted his swore back off the couch and grunted. What was he doing sleeping on the couch anyway? And there was those damn bottles again...He looked up into his kitchen. There she was picking up beer bottles and rotted food and dishes. His first thought was how touchable her red brown hair looked and so did the inch of cleavage he saw as she bent over... The second was anger ,he didn't need her to be his mama.

" Would are you doing here Moon?"

Moon straightened up. She stood up akwardly. She still looked beautiful, vulnerable and worst of all she had that sad look of longing in her eyes. But this time she tried to hide it. It didn't work.

" I just came to check on you" Moon shrugged

She continued to stuff the garbage bag. Moon trailed of further into the kitchen. Derek grunted and go up off the couch.  He went into the kitchen and snatched the garbage bag from her hands. Moon turned around surprised and a little anonyed she was in the mode.

" You shouldn't be here" Derek grunted

Moon stole the garbage bag back and looked around the filthy apartment " I think I should"

" Ex- girlfriends don't clean ex- boyfriends apartments"

Moon ignored him and continued to pile up dishes and throw out more bottles. She muttered " Consider it my christen duty"

" Get out!" He shouted

Derek couldn't quite explain why he snapped. He didn't know it was because he felt cornered again. But he knew that he had to defend his uncertainty, Derek chose to do that by getting even more angry.

But Moon was use to his antics by now. She rolled her eyes and continued her trash collecting. When that bag was full she tied it up an threw it by the door.

Derek stepped infront of her. She still smelt like Clementines. He blocked her way to his sink. Under the sink is where he kept his garbage bags.

" I said get out" Derek rumbled

" Like your going to clean up this mess yourself..."

" This isn't about the mess. Why don't you just move on like everyone else?"

Moon's face turned from white to red. But she wasn't embrassed. She said low and coldly " Just because it's over doesn't mean I can just unlove you"

Derek showed back " Well you should everyone else does"

" No they don't it just becomes less intense. Anyway love is letting go..."

Derek interrupted " Then let me go"

Moon looked around the filth and chaos. Then looked into Derek's sea green eyes. She whispered " I can't"

The End

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