Kiss You

Do you believe women must only be one way?

Shy and quiet

Because I can't be that way

I'm so high on anticipation

It's been too long...

Since the day I was born I've waited for this.

If I stare too long it's so I know you just won't fade away

Forgive my nervousness

My fidgety hands

Just let me kiss you

Let me forget there's body attached to this soul

Our souls may soar to heaven but they always must  fall back

And I pull away

Only to wait for you to take those wings...

And bring me home

Liam stopped short as he saw a shadow move. Out of the pitch black a white face appeared. The contrast was...striking...beautiful.

" Oh I didn't see you there" Liam said

Jada shrugged her shoulders and said " Most don't"

Liam was irrated now he wasn't post people and she wasn't invisiable. She was...hiding. So he asked her bluntly why she was hiding. Jada paced away from the wall and closer towards him. They were toe to toe now...eye to eye. Impatience turned quickly into anticipation.

" I suppose I hide from rejection. I've never feared it before. I suppose I never really wanted something before...never really understood what want was" Jada said almost whispering

Liam felt it was only natural then to ask her " What do you want?"

Jada twisted her face up and sighed as if she was troubled and the solution was one she just couldn't live with. She said " I want what everyone wants to be in love and to be loved"

Liam looked at her thoughtfully and said " Love's a hard thing to find..."

Jada couldn't stop her body from leaning into his and nearly touching his. She always had poor impulse control...but this didn't feel childish or wrong. It felt very right

She muttered " Forgive my nervousness...If I lean in too much it's only so I can feel you are real. If I stare to much..."

She didn't finish the sentenace with words. Her little lips were on his. They felt fuller, everything lips should be when they met his. Then she abprutly pulled away and looked at him expectantly.

All Liam saw were the clouds quickly fading away. He rubbed his lips, they still tingled but now oddly they felt too light

The End

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