Hair, poker straight,

not much like your smile

which radiates life and zest,

It makes me want to know


My heart feels full,

a friend, someone strong

and vibrant. Making life so bright.

It's difficult not to get tangled up,


You, radiate intensity

and light, I am blinded.

Overtaken. All I think about is you.

I am consumed. I am left


In the cinema I can feel your energy and it is incredible to me that we are here. Our first meeting was intimidating; you held the class in total discipline and I was left hoping I'd never have to face your wrath. You made an impression and even then I think you were burned into me. You jump, a bomb has exploded, bringing me back from my thoughts of you. I am here in the moment, watching a film I wouldn't normally watch and I am left wanting.

The End

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