Poetic Cliches

This is easy and fun. Take your favorite cliche, and turn it into a poem. Be as creative as you'd like. Can't think of a cliche? There are plenty of sites that have entire lists of them!
After, write a quick reason why you chose that particular cliche.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder,
But not when all you do is squander.
All I do is sit and think,
Of you and of your little kink.

I love to lay out by the ocean
And write on Newton's law of motion.
I try not to look at the wave,
But I must be getting very brave.

My shirt is getting wet and sandy,
When all you're doing is kissing Mandy.
If you think it is not through,
You must mistake me for a kangaroo

I chose "absence makes the heart grow fonder" not only because it is so ubiquitous, but because it's one of the few cliches that has a counter saying: "out of sight, out of mind". In this day, you have to love all the contradictions people say.

The End

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