James: An arguement i can't understandMature

"You want a 13'th stone?" Rick say raising his eyebrow?"

"Yes." Fang says.

"I'm not sure if you've heard , but not many people can survive that many stones even if they time is seperated it chances are you will  just incenerate yourself."

"Yes but a certain few of us have been given a chemical boosting our potential to take more stones, why do you think each marine has a least one stone?" Fang replies.

"Ah I see so your confident you won't rip your body to shreds because of a chemical, A chemical I helped find, Most studies show even thirteen stones while using Chemical CX , will still be unstable and yes chance of death are reduced down to the 60 percent range."

"I really don't know what your talking about but if he wants to take in thirteen stones that's his problem if he dies, and if he feels confident he'll live then he might live." I say, Rick shakes his head.

"Anyways you wear imagining the wall wrong the wall should form in your head from the feeling of energy around then you touch it. Got it?"

" I think so." I murmur trying it again, this time I could feel a swirl around me I open my eyes seeing the energy swirling around me but Rick look confused."

"You activated your powers but nothing has happened, try moving, walking running jumping lifting, anything physical."I do as i'm told once I break into a run I move incredibly fast, it took me all I had to not slam into the wall.

"Most interesting, didn't you say your friend can move fast?" He questions Fang who also had a puzzled look.


"Hmm James you did see Faya use her powers try to call an element to you."

"What? Just do it."

"Okay." I say cocentrating on the ice still frozen to the walls it began to chip and melt until I had it hovering in the air," Woah thats cool." I say stopping letting it drop and letting go of my powers.

"I always wondered why no one had developed an ability that copied of abilities, It just didn't make sense, since the stones are so well connected why didn't someone have that. I guess I found out why no one has absorbed 15 stones , and that might be the amount of stones needed to use to talk to other stones."http://www.protagonize.com/exercise/plunder/98051/edit

"Wait are you saying I mimic powers?" I ask.

"No not all." He says sarcastically, " Of course I'am, are you thick?!"

"No just you weren't direct in saying it." I retort.

"Now I'm curiouse can you mimic every ability you see and remember it or can your only remember a few? Is your version of the powers weaker, stronger or the same?" Rick says basically indicating he would love to scientifically test me,"Out of curiosity do you think you could copy Denia's power?"He asks.

"I don't even know what her power is seems like shadow controll but she was able to slice , and hurt people." I say.

"So you assume you have to understand the power to copy it, how about using your memory? Give it a go." Rick says almost pleading with me.

"Okay, I'll try." I say trying to repeat the step trying to forget everybody was watching me. I could feel the activation of the power, I close my eyes remembering the dark hallway, they soldiers running towards me  bloodied and near death. I open my eyes the room getting darker but not quite, I push a little harder to darken the room when I couldn't breath then soon I couldn't move my body like it was frozen, I fall to the ground losing conciousness.

The End

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