Fang: Explanation of what creates your powers.Mature

"No matter how many cesnia stones you have in your body, you will always have the same power. It will just be enhanced and upgraded, so to speak. For example, one of my marine buddies, Lucretia, in rank 1 she got her first cesnia stone, she had the ability to move fast. With 1 stone, she moved twice as fast, the more cesnia stones she got, the faster she could move. 1 stone, twice as fast; 2 stones, four times as fast; 3 stones, eight times as fast; 4 stones, sixteen times as fast. Now with 12 stones, she moves four thousand ninety-six times as fast.

"As a second example, me. With my first cesnia stone I gained the ability to turn into a wolf, for five minutes, my hide could resist 25 kpa of force, and I could run 4 times as fast as if I were a human. Now, with 12 stones, I have the ability to turn into a wolf for one hour, my hide can resist 300 kpa of force, and I can run 48 times as fast as if I were a human. These are the most significant among other attribute changes. My teeth and claws are also more sharper and more durable now that I have 12 stones.

"So, since you all started with such a large amount of stones, you're powers will be extremely strong. And so, I caution you with sparring with your friends, as you don't know what could happen."

Then I speak to Alex.

"In about three weeks is my Cesniamitva, that's when I gain my 13th rank and my 13th cesnia stone. Since chances are I won't be able to make it there, can we do it here? Because of Marine Corps technology, my badge will upgrade anyways, I would like if I could too."

The End

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