Faya: RumbleMature

I tap in on my earth control and the ships begins to rumble. Then I focus on my fire and lightning elemental control and the lights go out, hear flooding into the room. Then my water control causing the sprinklers to click on.  Then my air blowing the water droplets in a spiral. Then I pause it all.

I open my eyes and place my hands on my knees, my legs are crossed. "Well, what do you think?"

The water droplets are frozen in their spiral above. The heat still floods the room and their are bits of the ship cracked and frozen still. No one speaks then Fang looks at me.

"You must have been trained" he whispers.

"My sister was more trained. I was just trained to at least be able to control the stones power or die" I say with a faint smile. "I was emergency back up"

I jump to my feet. "Where you going?" Rick asks as I begin to head out waving my hand to move all the mess into a corner.

"To organize food for everyone. I'm hungry as well... and thirsty" I say leaving. As I leave the heat leaves the room with me clinging to my skin.

I need heat on this cold ship and not normal heat.... inner heat.

The End

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