How use your powersMature


"15." I start, he looks surpised.

"Is that just coincedence with the marking on your neck?"

"Yes." he moves on.


"10." Faya

"9." Flora says

"7." Alexa says

"I don't think I need this lesson." Fang says.

" You have one anyways your power is probably very simple anyways."Rick says to annoy Fang which it worked he seemed a bit annoyed and leaned against the wall.

"Anyways looks like I'm dealing with high numbers and the first person to reach 15 stones and still walks and talks fine.Which could mean depending on if you power is violent I could be in lots in danger so one at a time should be enough." He say like he is saying it more for himself then us.

"So how do we use the stones inside us?" Alexa asks.

"Well there is to ways when you need to defend yourself, or commanding the stones and learning to activate by defending yourselves is faster but impracticle to learn how to use the stones, and since your body isn't used to activating the stones concentrating is going to take some time."

"In training for the marines some people took days to activate." Fang comments," The officers found it easier to tire us down before asking us focus on the stones."

"Yes that works for people with lower numbers of stones but these kids won't tire with the number of stones they have it would take all day to tire them out to the degree your talking about, beside the greater number of the stones the greater the presence of the stones you can feel." Rick says almost like he would like to have debate with the man. 

"Excuse me but I don't feel anything inside me." I say.

" I was getting around to that. All of you  sit down in whatever fashion makes you feel comfortable, breath calmly while closing your eyes, you will most likely feel an energy field around you or something sort of wierd and unusual." Rick instructs we do as we are told.Upon closing my eyes I feel a jolt of energy making me jump off the floor. Rick snickers.

"Don't feel anything do you?How about now?" I took a second I did feel something a little different now inside me , and surrounding me.

"A bit its faint."

"Ya that is the stones, and basically you sychronized life forces. Basically when you get really good with feeling the stones you will be able to feel other people with stones and there life forces."

" Do we use our life force when using the stones?"

"No but I believe that the stones bring out you life force giving you your powers." Rick says," Now that you can feel the stones concentrate on the field, think of it a wall and try to touch it in your head alright imagine it as a wall."

"Okay." I say imagining a wall and touching it," That does nothing." I say

"Thats because your doing it wrong you Idiot." 

The ground begins to shake as something happens to my right.

The End

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