More knowledge of the stonesMature

"It was." Faya rest her chin on her Knees.

"What about you? What went on your ship."She asks.

" It was rather dull other than the few battles that we had been thrown into I was forced to train to become an officer. I didn't want to be an officer I didn't agree with my father on the respects that enforcing everything with military power was right. That's why I sypatha zise with Denia if her story is true there has been lots of time I've seen it happen. So in some respects I hated living there but at the same time I enjoyed some of the atmosphere the comradery, my mom and whenever my dad wasn't on the bridge acting like a military man but like a father."

"Who was your father?" She ask.

"His name was..."

" Scott Lance Captian of the Sky piercier, also known as the destroyer of the moon colonie rebbellion, Sun catcher and his last ship Rising silver. The man who follows orders with out thinking is that right? The so called hero, legend of  P.A.F. But really a man slaughterer, he deserved to die, not once in his life did he kill someone for a good reason." Denia says behind me," Thats why I hate your guts kid, your the son of the man who made me into the person I'am today."

"If you regret who you are, then why not stop it?" Faya says.

"Its all I have left, not only am I pirate but I crazy moon colonist that seeks to unwind the eathern government, which make me someone they can excute on the spot." She snarls," Anyways someone wants to see you too in quarter 25." She says storming off. Faya gets up, and I follow after her. I wondered if she thought my dad was a horrible person. I couldn't really say he wasn't horrible but sometimes I wondered if he regrets some of his choices. Oh well she could think what she wanted about my Dad I'm not like him no matter how much he wanted me to follow his path. We enter quarter 25. The new girls where already there along with Fang and some kid looked our age he held a gun to Fang.

"What's he doing here?" The boy says, as Fang grabs his hilt as he swings I shoot twice knocking the gun out the boys hands, and making Fangs axe swing uselessy to the right.

"He escaped , and I really don't care wether he is walking around on the ship or not, just as long as he doesn't kill anyone, but my question is who are you?" I look ay him.

"My name is Rick, I'm a pirate but only because this is the only way I can study Cesnia stones and there effects without the military thinking I know nothing."  He says calmly.

" So a scientist then." I say lowering the gun," you don't dare tell Denia Fang is with us, got it?"

" She'll find out soon herself, when she checks up on the prisoners, not that she would care, she acts tough and all piratey but really she is putting on a show for the captian. Anyways I was instructed to tell you about the Cesnia stones what they can do for you?"

"Is that neccesary they give you powers of all sorts depending upon your personality, the amount you absorb, and your need to live. The weaker the need to live the weaker the power of the stones are but that always in flux while in combat. So in some period of battle you will be stronger then other times." Fang says.

"Yes but your where told that because you an officer these kids don't know that, or how to use the powers they where given."

"Kids we are the same age as you."

" So you think,  when I was studying down on earth my expiremnet back fired on me making my body younger but leaving my intellect and my mind much the same as a 60 year old wich is convienent because its seems I can live another 50 years, but at the same time everyone treats me like a child." He says the girl that was he first had a slight look of disgust on your face.

"Lets start with Names." Rick says pointing at the younger girl first.

" Flora."


"I know your name already."he points at Fang

"James." I say feeling childish.

" Faya."

"Good simple names, and since Fang summed up what the stones can do lets head to the battle room and teach you how to activate those powers."


The End

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