Wow, the new girl's freaking out. Seriously freaking out. The tall guy scwols at me. "You shouldn't of gone into detail!" He snarls but I shrug.

"Thought she would of wanted to know what it looks like when ships blow up. And I didn't get to tell it in detail. Once it's blown up bits and pieces from the ship are left flying around. They could be bits of objects or they could be someones arm that got ripped off. Or, or, or, it could be someones eyes and things. Destinded to travel around until they erode and then...."

"Shut up!" The guy yells at me.

"What?" I don't get it, all I was doing was talking.

"Can't you see shes upset enough without you saying that people from her ship will have their parts in god knows where?!"

"Wow dude, you lot are way too serious all the time. I mean what's up with that?" I ask, I really don't get how people can be like that, how they can't see the good.

"If, if, you haven't noticed. We, we're, on a pirate ship." Sobbed the new girl.

"So? This is cool!"

"Cool? How the hell is this cool?!" The guy balled his fists. "What good will come from being on this ship?"

I hold up my bow and point to my arrows. "Well, if you look at the awesome stuff I've got than you'll know."

The guy gritts his teeth and I smile back at him.

"Haven't you lost people too?" The new girl asks me. I nod. "How can you be so, so, light-hearted about all this?" The girl is sobbing more gently now but she's still too sad.

"Easy. Mother always told me it's better to laugh than to cry. And that's what I do. If I wasn't light-hearted as you say than I'll be an empty shell, useless, a waste. It's no use living in the past when the only way to go is the future." I tell her. She looks confused about what I've said but I shrug again.

"Who did you lose on the ship?" She asks me, her voice soft.

"My brother. The pirate lady shot 'im. My mother died a few years back from getting a stone stuck in her throat, long story. And I've never known my father and it's better that way. Don't you think it's better to laugh about the present instead of being hung up in the past?" I say then look at the guy.

"What's your name? Oh, can I give you a nickname?" I ask, smiling brightly.

"My name's Fang and no you can't give me a nickname."

I smile. " I'm going to call you Grumpy, like out of snow white. What's your name new girl?" I ask.

"I'm Alexa Hewitt..."

"Cool. You seem okay. I won't give you a nickname just yet. Oh! I haven't given the others nicknames!" I giggle and bounce on the balls of my feet, I always do that when I'm excited. "I'm going to give them nicknames too! I'm going now and.... oooooooh your eyes are pretty." I say to Alexa.

She gives me a soft smile.

"What was going to do?" I ask remembering that I was going to do something. I get distracted too easily.

"You were going away. Far away from us." Grumpy says. I smile at him and giggle.

"You were going to find the others to give nicknamesz to." Alexa says I smile at them both then skip out of the room.

Hmm where to go, where to go?

Something shiny catches my eye and I follow it. I pass many doors then stop when I hear the lady pirate.

"We've got two stones, yes I know you wanted more but that's all we have. I've got some people in my captivity who have consumed the other stones, I thought they might be of some use." Silence for a while then I hear her sigh. "I know, I know, I know okay. I just thought that... Okay. I'll do that." Silence again. Hmm I wonder who she was talking to?

Suddenly she comes out of the room and looks down at me in surprise. "Why are you here?" Opps, think fast.

"I was, erm, going to ask you if, erm, I could, erm, if you could tell us what these stones do that are inside us." I smile innocently, she shakes her head.

"I have no time to talk to you lot about that!" She snapps at me.

I look down at my hands, pretending to be dissapointed.

"Rick, come here! Go with this child and tell the others what they can do with the stones in them." She yells then walks off quickly. Where is she going?

A guy around my age comes out a room and walks towards me. He smiles a little down at me, I narrow my eyes. "Yes I'm small and yes I have no shoes on." I say and roll my eyes. That's what most guys around my age ask the most and it gets annoying.

"I wasn't going to ask about that. I was going to ask how many stones you got hit by." He smiles down at me again and I lift one eyebrow.

"I think we should get the others than you can tell us everything you know about the stones." I say, trying to act respectable but Rick just laughs and walks off. I follow close behind as we go into a room with loads of books.

I gasp as I see some from my old ship.

"Yeah, I took them before we blow it up. Be a shame to waste them." Rick says as he sits down in a armchair. I stand there and look at him. Hmm, he's kinda cute, but if he thinks he can tell me what to do he's got another thing coming.

He presses something on his communicator. "Rick here, can you bring the ones in captivity to my quarters. Now." Then he looks at me and smiles again. I look away and inspecte the books, once again distracted.

The End

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