Faya: StarryMature

I left everyone in the room and went to the glass chamber. It looked out into space and they had a garden grown here.

Yeah, Pirates... and a Garden. Doesn't seem like a right match. But the garden is beautiful.

I sit down on the grass and thread my fingers into it. So much energy. "Hey" I turn to see James walk in. He stops to look around gawking.

I smile and turn back to look out through the glass. "I woke up here... at first I thought I just fell asleep in the garden of the ship I was on... but then I noticed the difference.. it has no rose" I say.

"Hmm, Not many flowers" James says coming over to sit next to me.

"No, apparantly the tree has blossom at some points but the only other flower is bluebells" I say gesturing to different areas they are.

"Wow... at least this ship has a garden. I heard about them but the ship I was on was military" James says. I turn and look at him.

"I was on a science ship. Not only for the cesnia stones" I say smiling.

"That must have been cool" I nod and look away pulling my knees to my chest I rest my chin on them.

"It was"

The End

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