James: New person and searching along with angry Denia.Mature

Fang seemed exasperated he was unsure wether he should kill us or help us, and we gave him no choice as we looked for the girl. Turning right we saw Denia with another girl.

"Hide." Faya tells Fang.

"Boy take her to an empty room, now." Denia demands.

" Aren't you going to to tell us what is going on?" I ask.

"Not now I'm busy the ship is still not at 100 percent." She growls, and walks off.

"Look like she failed agian." Faya says.

"Yeah but she is seems slightly happier." I say as Fang jumps out behind us.

" Stop it Fang she is much stronger than your wolf transformation." Faya says concerend for him.

"Oh yeah?" He says.

" She turned the tables when your ship came into contact with this one. I think she can control shadows." I say.

A door slam shuts as a girl giggles Faya runs opening the door.

" Stupid Idiots." She said full of anger and a few seconds later too burly pirate fly out of the room hitting the wall.

"We was just having a tickle fight." A girl said.

" So you honestly think pirates have tickle fights?" Faya says.

" Looks like we found her lets get back to our part of the ship where we can better explain everything we know to yeah." I turn around talking to Fang. Faya and the girl in tow.


The End

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