Tickle FightMature


Hmmm, all this exploring is making me hungry. I need to find a kitchen.

I skip down the corridor lightly, my feet barely making any sound.

I go through a door, hoping that I'll find food. "Ooooh, that's pretty." I say then walk over to the table where the bow and arrows are. I stroke the bow lightly and smile.

I put the arrows on my back and hold the bow. Everyone needs something to defend themselves with and this will now be mine, unless it's someone elses which is very careless of them. If they want it they shouldn't of left it here.

I smile down at my new bow and skip out the room.

My brother always said that I couldn't sit still for a second, I guess he's right.  Suddenly I feel sad thinking of him. I shrug, he's with mother now. He'll be happy, they both will.

I turn the corner and see two men. I start skipping over to them but suddenly strong arms come out of a room and pull me in. I struggle then start giggling. Cool, I didn't know we were having a tickle fight.

The End

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