"Where the hell is she??" I almost scream looking around the empty room where a young girl should be lying.

"This is bad right" James says. "Real bad?"

"Yes!" I yell. "If she goes any where she's not meant to Denia will slaughter her and from her recent power demonstration she can do just that!!"

"Then we have to find her" We turn to head out of the room when suddenly someone's standing there....

"Oh my god! How did you get out?" I say confused. Axe guy glares.

"You tied me up??" He says raising the question. Both me and James look at each other then back at him.

"It was nothing personal" I say shrugging.

"We're trying to save our own skins" James adds.

"Your pirates why do you need to do that then?? You have back up all over this ship. Why not just yell??"

"We ain't pirates" I say. "My name's Faya Pandora and this is James...."


"And this is James Lance. My sister was a cesnia stones experimenter.... I was the back up. Our ship was attacked so I took them in I wasn't meant to survive. And James shouldn't have either... he took 15 in by accident"

Axe man continues to stare at us then slowly lowers his axe. "I'm Fang" He says. I nod softly and then look to James. "We have to find that girl before she gets herself killed"

The End

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