Fang: They're gone.Mature

I woke up with a pounding headache. My vision blurred as I tried to focus, then it managed to. I saw that I was tied up, with Lucretia at my back. And I was in the pirate ship.

"Damn Pirates, I told Yuta to scrap the ship."

I knew I had to get out, so I turned into a wolf. The sheer difference in size and strength broke the twine. I walked around and turned back into a human. I walk around, hoping that I wouldn't see any pirates, when I see the armory. And There, is my axe.

Quickly I lunge for it and grab it, and I hold it. I begin walked down the hallway when I see the door, opened into another ship.

I run towards the open door and I see three pirates there, I slay them all with my axe. Then I run farther, to find Black and Fifteen. And this time, I'll be ready. Time Control, Elementals, and Electromancy will be hardly enough this time. I wasn't Rank 12 Marine Corp for nothing.

The End

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