Denia's mysteriouse power.Mature


I woke up in a cell, happy i was out of pirate hands, but unhappy I was considered a pirate. I looked all around me. Where was Faya?

" Shit!"  I get up , this has been one hell of a day.

Walking up to the energy  barrier neutralizing me as a danger, but I figured if i'm the first person to absorb 15 stones that give people powers I should be incredibly powerful. I touch the barrier which would usually electrocute me but instead my hand goes throw. Why didn't this work when I was in that fight? It didn't matter now time was of the essence. Faya was in the other cell trying to bust open the barrier, until she saw me, and stopped I deactivated the barrier with a couple tries at the code knowing most codes used in the military.

" We need to get out and find that girl from the other ship and hope she is okay."

"Agreed." She said quietly, just as I was about to turn around the lights flickered off,and the hum of the engines slowed. 

" What the hell?"

" This is the Queens secret. You think you got us but your in for a surprise." Denia voice shook the hull of the ship.

"Does she have powers too?" I ask.

" I don't know." Faya whispers. Screams emanate ahead of us soldiers run into us knocking us over as blood drips from multiple slashes. They fall to the floor dead. I grab a double barreled pistol from the guard no bolt guns unfortunately. It was hard seeing in the dark , and harder to bear the blood curdling screams that emanated from the ship.

"Faya and Boy, get back to the queens secret deal with the two trouble some officers on board here."

" Why would we do that Denia?" We asked at the same time.

" There is a lot you don't understand about this ship, me, and the people on it. I promise you help us we;ll give you the full deal and you can chose to walk out or not okay."

" I won't kill anyone Denia." Faya says.

" Just incapacitate them if that's how you feel."

"What makes me sure you will hold you end up?"

" There isn't any , but the queens secret she is pretty banged up and the crew is pretty beaten in and you two are very powerful, so even if I did try to kill you afterwards I would lose."

"Fine but if you don't hold your bargain up I will kill you Denia." I growl.

"Okay now get going." She said the lights flickering on the hall we followed back into the Queens secret. Where that guy from earlier with the axe was. Black, Fifteen?" He asked surprised.

"Yup we are back." I grin I pull out the pistol and this time I'm not in the mood to lose." I say as the girl who took us out last time turned around. She disappears but I can read her movements I duck with the same speed and uppercut her with the same speed she back flips back to the side of the guy with the axe.

"How do you have my power?" She questions me.

"I don't know but I do know  that we are better matched now." I rush forwards appearing in front of her before she could react pistol whipping her to the ground she was unconscious. The guy swings his axe at me but I was from his reach long before he had finished his attack. Flames surrounded him he turns into a large wolf leaping towards Faya. I fire the pistol forcing him to not attack Faya.  Time freezes again then the wolf hit floor slowly turning back to human. Faya holding a needle I guessed was full of a sleeping drug.

"I was going to use this for later but, if Denia holds her end up there isn't a point."

We drag the two unconscious bodies away until Denia meets up with us looking exhausted, tie them above the incinerator with this rope. They try anything funny ropes disappear and they drop to there deaths.

"Even if they try using there powers."

"Yup the rope is laced with material that is highly sensitive to the stones power." she explains," I'm sorry but I'm really busy because of losses and damage, and also the fact everyone needs sleep can we talk tomorrow night?" Denia ask , I look at Faya.

" Alright but you promised." Faya says.

" Wait one more thing Denia." I say she turns around," Was that your power blacking out the ship?"

" Yup, and that is why you don't want to mess with me boy even if you have absorbed 15 stones, I could kill you without moving as much as an eyelid." She said warningly.

" Lets go see if the girl is okay." Faya says. I stand silent for a moment thinking,"James?"

" Ya lets go."


The End

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