Fang: Damn Pirates.Mature

As our ship goes towards the wreckage of the newest casualty a second ship comes up on our radar. Curious, Captain Yato looks out the visual windows and sees a ragtag excuse for a spaceship. I look as well.


Yato looks at me.

"You sure?"


My name is Fang Farron. I am a 12th rank Marine Corp. Each rank we get a cesnia stone absorbed within us. My power is to turn into a giant wolf.

"How do you think we'll go attack them?"

"Board them, how else?"

"Our ships not big enough."

"Do it."

Yato goes to the control center, sighing. I know I make impossible demands, but I can't let these pirates get away again. I turn around, my giant axe hanging by my belt. It's regulation to have a gun, and the odd shield. But I break tradition by having my axe at my side at all times. The blade is wide enough that I can use it as a shield from gunfire, and it's sharp enough that it can kill quickly.

"We're boarding."

My eyes widen in surprise as how quickly this all came about.

"Send Battalion number 6 to docking bay 9."

"Why 9? I'm boarding them at 7."

"Then send Battalion number 12 to docking bay 7."

I walk away from the cockpit, and I go towards docking bay 9. As I get there, I hide behind the doors, not going in yet. Then, I see Battalion number 6 enter the docking bay. Satisfied, I continue to wait.

As I am waiting I hear the crash of metal against metal that happens when a ship is docked. Then, I hear the doors open. And there is gunfire, it stops soon after. Then, I hear the doors in docking bay 9 open. There is gunfire, I look through one of the windows and see the pirates shooting the battalion. With their numbers severely reduced they go to exit the docking bay, except I am there.

"I told you we should've gone to the next one!"

"I think that none of you should've came at all."

I walk through the automatic doors and I pull my axe up. I hold it in front of me, eager to block gunfire. I start to take stock of the people. There is a child who looks 15ish with a 15 tattooed on his neck, There is another 15ish child with long black hair, then there are 4 or so adults.

"Only 6 people?"

"Leave us alone."

Fifteen spoke.

"Why? You are pirates. You killed the people on that ship. Why should I show you mercy!"

Then I ran quickly towards Black, and I swung my axe at her. She managed to jump backwards but my axe ended up slaying the adult behind her. I went into a rage, I put the axe back on my belt, and then I began turning into a wolf. When it was done they all started backing away. I continued to go on and slay all the adults, only the two fifteen year olds were left, Fifteen and Black or so I called them. I went to attack Fifteen but Black seemed to teleport through time, and then she shot me. Because of my stone count, 12, my hide was almost as strong as steel. The shot just stung.

I was now angry, and I turned my head towards Black. Then I leaped at her, but she seemed to teleport again. Then, a water elemental appeared from nowhere. Shocked, I attacked the water elemental, but it teleported as well, and I felt extremly battered as I fell to the ground.

Then, I turned back into a human. And I pulled my axe out. I was now near the hanger door, Black and Fifteen where somewhere in the middle. But then, Lucretia came from behind them. She was a rank 12 Marine Corp as well. Her power, was increased speed. She held in her hand, her thunder staff.

She ran extremely fast towards Black and electrocuted her as the staff struck. Then she hit Black's head and knocked her out. She then looked at Fifteen, then she ran towards Fifteen and struck him in the head, knocking him out. Then she looked at me, rather disappointed.

"You couldn't stop two teenagers?"

"They all could teleport and Black could summon elementals!"


"I nicknamed them. The teenager with the fifteen on his neck was called Fifteen, and the teenager with the really black hair was called Black."

"Wow, original Fang."

I picked up Black, and she picked up Fifteen, and we both began walking to the cells.

"Thanks for helping back there."

"No problem."

When they got to the eerie orange glow of the cells energy barriers they put Black and Fifteen in separate cells, so that they wouldn't be able to see eachother.

"Well, thank you, I'll see you later."

"Oh, by the way, we found someone unconcious in the hull of the pirate ship. You won't believe this. It's Ilya."



"Heh, didn't he graduate 4?"

"Yeah, he did."

"Well, bring him to the guest room and when he wakes up tell me."

"Giving me orders?"

"Well, I was put in charge of this ship Lucretia."

"Heh, right, I'll see you later."

The End

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