The ship rumbled and as they canons and other weaponry tore up the other ship, for every explosion I imagined 50 deaths, I turn away . Sitting beside Faya.

"If Denia speaks the truth about what her life was like before this, then I would only be sinking down to her level if I were to kill her. So maybe if I try to find out what these pirates are up to maybe I can try to change something to prevent this vicious cycle."

"How would we achieve that?" Faya asks.

" We become like them, gain their trust, find out there plan and maybe along with that find a way to change it all."

"You do realize that they would expect you to kill anyone that stands in their way."

"That's is where modifying guns come in handy, you know those expensive bolt guns that fire energy instead of a projectile. If we can get our hands on a few of those I know how to lower the power so they are knocked out from there we would attempt to get the unconscious body to an escape pod."

"That could work but if we mess up once we won't have a second chance." Faya says.

"That's why we don't mess up." I say knowing that it would take more than determination to do this.

Heavy feet fall on the ground as the raiding parties come back in, Denia coming in with her group which had a young girl in a white dress. The men looking disappointed and Denia's filled with anger, a bit of worry, and surprisingly some stress.

"Another failure." She says her men throwing the girl at us, Faya and I stop her from hitting the ground.

" Come lets get her down to the rooms." Faya says trying to lift her.

"Don't worry about it." I say shifting the her weight and putting her on my back," Did you see that look of worry,and stress on Denia's face? Maybe she is just as vulnerable as us if she doesn't fulfil her duty." I say.


The End

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