Flora Jaysummers.

"Flora! Flora, wake up!"

I put my arm over my eyes. "Five more minuets brother." I mutter but instead of getting left along my brother grabs hold of my arm and drags me out of bed. I look at him a bit confused, worry is in his grey eyes.

"What is it? Couldn't find a chocolate muffin?" I say and laugh a little but it stops short at the anger on his face.

"Flora they're here! You know what to do."

I swallow deeply and smile a little. "Yeah, I'll make them a nice cuppa." Keith, my brother, groans and pushes me out of my room.

"Pirates are invading and you want to make them tea? What's wrong with you sissy?" Kieth nearly yells at me.

"You never know. You can sort a lot of things out with a nice cupps. That's what mother always said." I smile at him, trying to get rid of his worry. It normally works. Kieth will now laugh and shake his head, then he'll say something funny about my optimism.

Instead, he glares at me. "I don't care what mother used to say! And I've had enough of your optimism! Go down to the escape pods and hide where it is hidden!" Kieth pushes me down the stairs.

The ship shakes violently, making me fall. I get to my feet and look down at my white dress that is now covered in dust. I frown at it then shrug, now it looks like I'm from olden times with my long hair and dress and having no shoes on.

I run towards the pods waving bye to Kieth who was already gone.

I hide where the little box is hidden.

Now I can hear the screams. All of them.

People come into the pods. Pirates! I know I should be terrified, and yes I am scared, but this is the first time I've seen a pirate and I must say it's kind of cool.

A lady spots me and scowls deeply. "She knows what we want." She tells the others who turn to me. I smile at them sheepishly. "I know, but I'm sorry, there isn't any tea stuff down here, there might be in the captians quarters..." I start but stop when the lady puts a gun to my face.

"Cool gun. My brother says I'm not allowed near them, he says they're dangerous..." I start. I know that if you are ever near pirates, you should keep talking, it gives more time for someone to come rescue you. Well, that's part of mine and my brothers plan.

"Yeah guns are dangerous but not nearly as dangerous as I am." Some of the other pirates laugh. "Now tell me where the stones are!" Her voice is demanding, like the stones are the only thing she needs to survive.

I shrug. "Well, as the ship is ruined, there are lots of stones." I smile at her, playing dumb, but she doesn't seem too pleased. Instead of smiling, she clicks something on the gun.

"Stop wasting my time child and tell me where the cesnia stones are!"

My big green eyes widen, how does she know we have them? Mother found them years ago and the only people she told were me and Kieth.

I shrug again. "Don't know what you're on about."

The lady growls at me.

"Okay, okay. They are upstairs, the captian has them with him at all times. They are in his pocket." I sigh after my lie. I've always been good at lieing and the pirates are buying it. They turn towards the stairs.

The ship shakes again, making the pirates fall and the box come out in the open. The lady pirate sees it and tries to get the old box before I do. I snatch the box away from her grasp.

She scowls at me. "Give that to me!" She snarls. I open my mouth to say something witty when I see Kieth. "Leave her alone you bloody pirates!" He yells at them and spits.

The lady turns and points her gun at him. Panick rushes through me.

"Flora, you know what to do. I love you siss..." Before he could say anything else, the lady shoots him dead. I watch in horror as Kieths limp body falls down the stairs.

The lady turns back to me. "Give it here."

I open the lid on the box slowly and hand it over to her. My fingers are still on the box as the ship shakes again. I pull the box in my direction as the piret pulls it in hers.

The cesnia stones come flying out towards me.

They hit me hard, making me fall to the floor. All nine of them burn as they enter my skin. I scream out as each one hits me.

This wasn't surpost to happen, I was meant to throw them off the ship. What's going to happen now?

The last of the stones hit me on the scar on my neck. I scream again as the pain travels all over my body, in every cell.

I try to move but I can't.

I open my mouth but no sound comes out.

Even my eyes are closing.

This is it.....

The End

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