Little SisterMature


I look down at the floor. "I was on board a ship along with my sister.... she was already dead when the pirates came" I whisper looking away tears springing to my eyes.

"What do you mean?" James asks looking at me confused.

"Her ship was meant to have 24 stones. Her sister was the test subject. She has been trained" Denia says. "Unlucky she didn't live"

James walks up to me. "Thats how you knew no one has survived past 14" He says putting a hand on my shoulder. I look up at him tears silently streaming down my cheeks.

"We were both trained in our own way. I didn't take in the stones by accident.... I was trained to take them in incase of emergancy even at the risk of my own life" I whisper.

Just then a shake rattles through the ship. "That will be the bump" Denia says. "We're at the next ship with 9 stones.... lets hope no one takes these in. Faya and boy.... stay out of the way"

Denia leaves and James still faces me. "You risked your own life" James whispers staring with shock. I nod.

"Someone was probably on your ship that was meant to take them in like me..... but they probably got killed" I say. Suddenly the ship rattles again and I look towards the door. "Time for boarding"

The End

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