"They blew it up." Faya whispers,  My kness hit the metal plated ground before I knew what I was feeling.

"I'm sorry." She says ,  I didn't respond. How is that even possible a dual gunship taken down by this lowly thrown together pirate ship? I could feel complete and utter despair reaching down towards me, but at the same time anger beyond belief, I punched the ground leaving quite the dent a slight amount of light flickering  around the dent.

" How could they?" I growl.

"You don't think we have suffered the same heart aches kid?" The woman says behind me.

"Denia." Faya said warningly.

"Its true the bloody military you hold in highest regards are just as heartless as us damm pirates. I used to be a plain simple women until air ships filled out skys firing down destroying house after house, destroying everything I know house after ho, death after death. The screams of children crying over their dead parents. Blood covering the ground as the military unhurt floated in our skies unhurt. What did we do to derserve that, just because of trade agreement gone wrong countless innocents suffered lost and there only way to live there life fully is to extract there revenge. What you lost isn't a fraction of what some of the people onboard this ship has lost, boy."I looked at her with the death glare anger coarsing through my viens, but what if she was telling the truth, but still couldn't forgive them for butchering my family. I get up looking up at Faya, then Denia.

"I want to kill you right now." I say at Denia.

" Same here because you absorbed all the stones but if I did that I would lose everything atleast I got half of what I wanted." She growled. I stepped forwards anger in flaring through me.

" Stop it James you will only regret it later." Faya says , I clench my fists hold my ground a moment before turning around.

" One day Mr. Lance you will  be able to see our point of view, be happy this is one of the nicer pirate ships."Denia says walking off.

" Did they do the same to you?" I ask Faya quietly looking directly into her eyes.

The End

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