The Ship's Battle RoomMature


"And this" I say walking into the large echoing room. "Is the ship's battle room" I turn to look at James whose looking around the room amazed.

And I must admit. It is something to look at. The walls are pannelled with high tech electronic sytems. It created solid illusions for practice including weapons.... which luckily don't kill you.

"How the hell do the pirates have this?" James whispers. "This panelling is only given out by the goverment"

I shrug. "How do pirates get most things? By stealling them" I say smiling at the end. I walk over to the side of the room and push a certain panel. It flips round to reveal a touch screen. I set in the settings and the panel flips back.... then... the scene unfolds.

"Wow..."  James gasps.

"Thats what I thought" I say walking over to him looking round at the forest battle setting. I look at him and smile and he smiles slightly back.

"I don't get why I'm here still.... I took in some stones but... why are they focused on getting so many anyway?" James asks.

"To cause war... or at least get something out of it" I say with a faint smile. He looks distressed then something flicks through his eyes.

"The ship I was on... what happened to it?" He asks. I hesistate and then James shouts. "What did they do to it? My family was on there?!?!"

"They blew it up" I whisper.

The End

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