Pirate shipMature


A flow of water wakes me from my unconciousness and I find myself looking into a girls silver blue eyes,

"Hi boy. I'm Faya." She says with a smile.

"James ." I reply weakly, " Where am I?"

"You on the Queens secret, a pirate ship unfortunetly, out of curiousity what is the last thing you remember?" She asks , I think for a second.

"I was getting pummeled by wierd glowing stones, the burned like hell and went into my body." My eyes going wide feeling my chest no burns no anything.

" Do you know what those stones are?she asks.

"No, they didn't want me to know much in case of this kind of situation. Anyways are you a pirate to?" I ask.

"Not really by choice. I also abosrbed the stone which are called Cesnia stones, the pirates want them but everyone once in while a mistake happens and some ends up absorbing them."

" What is so special about them?" I ask.

" The stones they give abilities to their host. Not many people can absorb them and even they can they usuall can absorb only a few. It rare for people like to absorb lots of them, and in your case extremly rare to survive absorbing 15."

" fifteen." I repeat," The same number as the tattoo on my neck." I mutter , " how do these stones work?"

" No one really knows but most commonly people say that they are linked to the everything un alive around us, in some way and when combined to a host you are able to control or communicate with those certian things."

" I see , so now we are invalueable to the pirates or any other militant organization."

"Unfortunetly." She says. I wanted to say we should try to escape but there was nowhere to go except back to the pirates, we were just going to have to wait for the right oppertunity. Heavy steps emanate from the hall.

" Stand up now." She hisses. The same woman from earlier walks in this time carrying less weaponry and looking a little more relaxed.

"Oh he is awake already. Good job Faya, I guess since you seem eager to help why don't you show him around the area's we have allowed you to go in." The woman says.


The End

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