Faya PandoraMature

I hear the bang of the space door being closed then heavy feet marching through the ship. Then they come into sight. The pirates..... Yes, I'm one of them as well but not by choice.

"Oi, Faya!" Denia shouts. She's secound in command. I look at her and nod to her respectively my midnight black hair falling about my pale face.

"Yes, Ma'am" I say.

"Here!" She says. An unconcious boy is dragged through the raiding group and shoved out at me.  I catch him but struggle under his weight. I mean I'm not that tall myself. "Another one who obsorbed the stones before we could get them on ship"

Denia and the raid group move off, Denia grinding her teeth. I wait till there gone then carry/drag the boy down the hall way to a spare bedroom room. I know there next target is a ship with 9 stones.... like mine had 10.

Wait a secound. The ship they just went to was meant to have 15. I lower the boy to one of the beds in the spare bedroom. Its right next to mine, thats how I knew it was empty.

I continue to stare at the boy with my silver blue eyes. He took in.... 15 stones. Me taking in 10 was rare but no one has ever got past 14 and lived.... and yet he's lying there still breathing evenly.

I turn and dig a bottle of water out of the fridge in the room. Its meant to be for emergency's.... this is one right. I put it to his mouth and the boy begins to drink. When I pull it away his eyes flutter open.

They focus on me. I smile. "Hi, Boy. I'm Faya"

The End

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