In the world of large flying air crafts , and cesnia stones which is a valuable stone to many of the worlds population which gives a certain amount of earths human population amazing abilities. while air Pirates slowly run airways stealing what they can but when a large batch of cesnia stones are stolen from Prime aerial forces and the stones start circulating through the pirate airways a war breaks out.

The ship shakes and quakes as canons blast away, I try to fight the downwards flow of military officers running to battle stations.

"Get out of the way kid!" A Sargent pushes me out of the way I hit the wall, I needed to find my father who was most likely on the bridge of the ship directing some sort of strategy to fend off the pirates. 

BANG!  The ship begins to violently turn right, we had just lost one of the engines how were lowly pirates beating the crap of a dual gunship? Doing my best I make it to the bridge where everyone was doing the best as they can.


"James get out of here what the hell do you think you're doing?" He shouts angrily and worried.

"I'm sorry but Mum needs help she is crushed under a bulkhead." I said. His anger flared even higher then I realized telling him was a bad idea what could he do?

"I'm sorry." I add.

"Get out James get out, Please. Everything will be okay." He said patronizingly I knew people where going to die hell I'm 16 and I've seen a lot of this world and many of its armies I knew this wasn't going to be good. I tore down the hall as more explosions go off, it became quiet a parent seeing the debis and crushed bodies we where losing this skirmish. The exit blocked I forced myself down to the cargo area hoping we haven't been boarded all ready. I was out of luck as the greedy pirates were searching through the weapons containers. Doing my best not to be seen I  climb up making sure I made no sound. I place my feet carefully watching the movements of the pirates until one turns around pointing fully loaded pistol at me. How the hell did he know why I was there?

"Get down from there kid." A woman's voice commands me , I obey fearfully by sliding down to the ground.

"Good come here."

"W what do you want?" I ask she laughs.

"Don't think pirates would raid an air ship without reading up on personnel, your parents are big shot's and you make a good ransom,so come here dumb-ass." She explains with a bit of a laugh, I stand before them wishing I had one thing going for me but I was out numbered , and I don't happen to have a weapon. 

"Hands out don't need ya trying anything stupid." She says getting a pair of binders which snapped on to my wrist sending electrodes into my skin.

"Now sit there shut up and when I tell you to move you move got it!"


"Good." She turns around her comrades laughing. The ship still  shook more violently, and I could hear the metal grinding, and moaning threatening defeat any moment. After a bit of time the pirates searched one hacked a metal box open and glowing rainbow of light shined across his face.

"Found them Ma'am."He said.

The women walked up and inspected what ever it was they found," Good." She pauses to press the communicator on her wrist.

"Found the Cesnia stones requi.." The ship rolled the boxes flying out of knocking everyone off their feet. In turn the glowing box slid towards me revealing a bunch of glowing odd coloured opaque stones all of them flying towards me. Time appeared to slow as the rocks flew out of the box coming directly at me. Closing my eyes as the first one impacts my chest.  My chest felt like it was getting burned and soon my whole entire body felt the horrible sensation the rocks some how melting into my body I scream in pain until I remember no more.

The End

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