I had a vague impression of what had happened. I regained conciousness slowly, catching a sight of blonde and flinching away from it. Nyx's voice soothed me back to unconciouness.

Coming round again, I could hear the sound of stifled sobbing. It was as though someone's entire world had fallen apart, but they dared not show anyone. Suddenly it was cut off and I heard voices, but distorted, as though from underwater. Finally strength seemed to diffuse out into my muscles enough for me to move. I was aware of someon's hand laced through mine and I rolled towards them, recognising in that instant who had been crying and who was at my side.

Nyx?"The word came out slurred. "...What happened?" My voice this time was stronger as things slowly slid into place.

There was a pause and a deadly silence, then she threw her arms around me without another word. I laughed gently at her, despite my body screaming in protest.

"Hey," I pulled back slightly, looking her in the eyes. There was a hint of tears there still "You've been crying? Nyx, what the hell happened? Last thing I remember was being at home.." 

As Nyx filled me in on the details, everything snapped back into focus with agonising clarity. My entire body throbbed, searingly painful.

Nyx was looking at me the whole time, her eyes almost black with worry, her face pale, drawn and streaked with tears. I wiped them away gently.

"I'm okay" I said softly, forcing a smile. "Its okay Nyx."

She gave a funny little half smile.

"Lets go find the others." I said, getting up and suppressing a groan. My body was prtesting but I refused to show it as we went slowly through to the other room. Immeadiately I saw that Anaxandra was there, looking worried. Than went over to Nyx's side.

"Are you okay?" I heard him murmur. I rolled my eyes behind his back, earning a beatuiful grin from Anaxandra.

The End

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