After seeing Thantos' crumpled and bloodied form on the ground, it was all I could see. My best friend, someone I was bound to protect, looking like an oversized, broken doll. Primrose was bent over him and in my grief and fury, I screamed at her.

Apollo appeared, sneering. As soon as his first remark left his lips, I flew at him, only just aware of Than by my side. I felt like I was about to shatter apart and my powers were barely under control.

Anaxandra shreiked, mentioning Thantos' name. Instantly, my attention returned to him. Primrose was hovering nearby and I snapped again, terrified to see the amount of blood covering Thantos. He was beginning to regain conciousness.

"Rose? Wha-?" He slurred the words, then flinched as though I was going to hit him. The movement went like a knife through me.

"Thantos it's me, its Nyx, we're take you back to the Dark realm." I murmured, refusing to show how close to tears I was. I couldn't look at Primrose as I moved past her, picking him up. Than came to my side to help.

"Back off Than!" I snapped, instantly feeling guilty. I met his eyes for a second and he stepped back as I carried Thantos back into the Dark realm. As soon as the cool night air washed over my face, the tears began to fall in earnest. Thantos was out cold again.

"I'm sorry." I whispered to him. "Thantos I am so sorry. I should have been there. I should have known. I should have been faster.. This is all my fault. Please be okay. Please be okay Thantos. I need you. I need you here. Your my best friend. Please be okay." I took him straight to the room he always had when he stayed here. Moving carefully so he didn't wake up and so I didn't hurt him any more, I replaced his torn and stained clothes with some of the spares I kept for him. His breathing had slowed and he seemed to be asleep. I made sure he was comfortable before settling on a chair next to his bed, lacing one of his hands in mine. The cloak and symbols of High Office I wore melted away, leaving me in just my black dress, the sliver chain around my waist. My hair was pulled back into a messy bun, curls spilling out around my face. I let the tears fall, in the dark where only Thantos would ever know. After a long time, I heard Than return. Hurriedly, I made sure he would not see that I had been crying, still holding Thantos' hand. Than enetered the room very quietly.

"He's sleeping." I murmured softly. He nodded. "Are you okay?"

I didn't reply, turning back to Thantos. "I'm sorry for shouting at you." I said, hearing the guilt in my own voice. I glanced up again "Can you tell Primrose I'm sorry please?"

"You don't need to apologise to me Nyx." Than replied, smiling gently at me.

I returned the smile tiredly. I felt better knowing Than was nearby. He ducked out the room again, leaving me with Thantos.

After another long stretch, Thantos groaned, rolling to face me.

"Nyx?" He mumbled. "...What happened?"

I threw my arms round him. Thantos laughed, holding me close.

"Hey," He looked me in the eyes. "You've been crying? Nyx, what the hell happened? Last thing I remember was being at home.."

Feeling giddy from relief, I started telling Thantos what had happened.

The End

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