"What happened?" Nyx snapped at me still crouching by Thantos.

"It not what it looks like, Nyx believe me. This wasn't me, really it was, it..." I tailed off. O'know not now.

"Come on Primrose your healing him, was he like this when you found him, what happened!" Nyx shouted.

What could I say? Something took over my body and I pushed him out of the tree and made sure he hit the rocks? Yer because that sounds good.

"Roo. Rose, whaatt." Thantos mumbled. Both me and Nyx sighed seeing his green eyes look confused.

"Thantos it's me Nyx, we're take you back to the Dark realm." Nyx moved closer to him, taking his hand. She wouldn't dare look in my eyes as she picked him up, Than went to help her but she snarled at him to back away. Nyx carried Thantos out of the Light realm and back into the Dark realm.

"He be ok, I healed him he just needs rest tell her that Than." I told Than stepping away.

"Thantos will tell you, he knows what happened to me. I can't and I hate it." My voice was breaking at the end.

"Azkaban did he do this to Thantos?" Than asked wearily. "Do this to you?" I just nodded unable to think about it.

"I'm going to kill him, Primrose before he does anything else." Than touched my hand, which I gripped tightly. "Primrose"?

"You lov"-

"Ah Primrose what a lovely surprise." Apollo butted in me and Than let go of each other hands.

 "I see you soon, Primrose." Than whispered and left me there with Apollo and the other Goddess who had come with the Dark Gods.

I turned to the Goddess who was looking uncomfortable on her own.

"I do not believe that we have met before, Primrose Skylark, Princess of the Light Realm." I informed her smiling.

"Hello Princess, I am Anaxandra Goddess of Dreams, Nightmares, and the Unknown. It is a pleaser to meet you." She told me smiling.

"You're a what?" Apollo voice again interrupted.

Now I turned to face him glaring. "Yes Apollo God of Sun, you heard right, Zeus is my Father."

I didn't have time for this; I needed to stop Azkaban before he strikes again.


The End

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