Anaxandra: ConfusionMature

  I followed Than and Nyx through the portal, stepping into the Light Realm. I had been here several times before, on business of dreams and sorts, but never for any other reason. My gaze was instantly drawn to the beautiful Princess of the Light Gods, Primrose Skylark, bent over a body. My blood ran cold. It was Thantos' body.

  "Primrose what have you done!" Nyx's shout rang, full of malice and fury.

  Apollo dashed into the scene, smiling slyly at us, "Aww, if it isn't all my best pals; what a surprise."  Than thrust Nyx behind him, snarling as the light God's eyes ran over all of us. I stood awkwardly in the midst of it all, my gaze flickering from Thantos and to the others, feeling that I must do something but unsure of what to do. As Apollo looked over me with a hint of curiousity, he gave me a playful wink. I stiffened, turning my eyes away from his. 

  He looked over Primrose and Thantos. "Damn! What's going on here?"

  "That's what we're trying to figure out," hissed Nyx. "Get lost, you worthless bastard."

  "Ha, ha," Apollo chuckled. "Hello, Nyx, it is fine to see you as well."

  "You heard her-get lost," Than growled.

  Apollo raised his eyebrows, "Ahh, this your little loverboy, Nyx? Pphf. Just go from man to man-eh? You thought I was a-,"

  Both Nyx and Than began to charge at Apollo, their hands outstretched as if to tear him appart. "Stop it!!" I shrieked, doing my best to stand between them. Instantly, the Dark God and Goddess paused, breathing heavily. "This is not the time for this-something's wrong with Thantos!"

  For a moment, both sides withdrew. Apollo stepped closer to me, his warm, sweet breath brushing against my face as he purred, "What a good girl-an angel straight from dreams. Who could you be?"

  I stiffened, quickly stepping away from him. I hurried toward where the others stood, Primrose and Nyx snapping at each other. From my impression of Apollo, he sounded like he had said that to more than just me. I gazed over Thantos quietly, still unconcious and part way healed, though blood still was dashed across his skin and staining his clothes. There was some strange emotion inside me as I looked at his face-it was something that I don't think I had ever felt before.  

The End

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