I woke up finding Nyx gazing up at me as I slept"Are you feeling better?" I said yawning, as she smiled at me.

"Yes, thank you Than." she  kissed me gently , making me long for more "I am going to check on Thantos." My mood changed straight away at the sound of his name. "He's my best friend, if people are going after you, chances are they might try hurting him because of that." She said "I'll be back soon."

I nodded loking away, I had to let her go to him. I would never hold her back Who could tame I Goddesss so fierce and wild Like Nyx. No taming her was like killing her spirit. I knew deep down inside her she still loved him. Like I still loved Primerose.

I got up and went into the bathroom washing my face with cold water to wake my-self up. The a Portal opened up I heard someone fall on the floor and Whimper. I ran into the bedroom to find my little demons Alice was on the floor adn Alex kneeled beside her.

"What Hapened Alex" I asked him picking up Alice in my arms I lay her on her bed.

"Well we follow The Man after your life, he sensed us he lunged at me with a dagger but Alice took the blow instead of me, shes dying Than please save her"

I nodded I un did her cloak, I was the only one who knew what they looked like, she was small and dainty, her Electric blue curls surrounded her face. Her lips were a deep red and she was pale.

I run to get Medical equipment to treat her I took her dress off, not concentrating her her just the wound, I cleaned it out I got Alex to hold her down as she whimpered and thrashed around. Once I had stiched it up I put abandages round.

"Go get her a chang of clothes Alex, she needs to stay rested here ok" He nodded and dissapeared. I covered her up with the Duvet. I took the dagger from my cloak and cut my hand. I helped pour into her mouth and she gulped it down quickly.

"THANTOS GOD OF HELL, ANSWER THESE SUMMONS NOW" The command shook the very foundations of the house. I kissed Alice's foehead "Rest now little one I will be back soon" I whispered to her.

 I opened a portal to where she was. I found in Hell blastng Spirits out her was, tears streaming down her face. I pulled her close to me. She began to sob loudly clinging onto, guessing everything had finnaly caught up  with her.

"We'll find him Nyx." I promised, holding her close. She pulled away from me looking into my eyes.

"I cannot lose him Than." I said desperately. "Nothing will save these realms if I do." I nodded understanding, he was strong and powerful and he was loyal to Nyx, even if I did not like him. I had to admit that.

I closed my eyes and sensed where Anaxandra was I held Nyx's hand and guided her threw the Portal. She was stood in front of a human house deep in thought "Anaxandra" I said stepping out of the portal. She spun around looking confused.

  "Anaxandra," Nyx began quite frantically. "Thantos has gone. Do you know where he is? When was the last you saw him?"

She looked paniced and worried "No, I do not know where he has gone. Last I saw him...." She drifted off deep int hought "He had brought me back here and disappeared into the portal back to the Underground."

 The Nyx's eyes lit up with frustrantion, mixing with something of hopelessness. I put my  hand gently on her arm "Do not worry, we shall stop to see Primrose. Perhaps she has some knowledge of him." I spoke softly  I opened a potel, when I was about to step into it Anaxandra called to us

 "Wait!" she cried, making us turn , surprised by her outburst. "Cannot I offer some assistance?"

 Nyx looked over me thoughtfully, "Of course." She nodded. "Come, we head to the Princess of the Light Gods.

I sensed Primerose, we walked threw we ended up in the forest in the light realm. my eyes adjusted to the light. I made out Primerose kneeling bwside a body. Wait the body was thantose.

Nyxs body went rigid and hissed. "Primerose what have you done" she shouted command echoing through her words making us all shiver.

Just as she Patred Apollo came running threw the trees. I growled and pushed Nyx behind my back.

He looked paniced them calmed down "Aww if it isnt all my best Pals what a surpise" He mocked us smiling slyly at us.

The End

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