Apollo & AphroditeMature

I flew straight through an open portal that had been accidently left open. Grinning like a fool, I congradulated myself on my narrow escape. I could not believe my luck! "And he does it again. The crowd goes wild!"

As I raced through the light realm I carried on cheering. "What an achievement! Surely he deserves a medal? This-"

I did not carry on. I had crashed straight into the Goddess of Love. The only bitch who could match me in romantic history. "Aphrodite," I groaned. Her face, though as inhumanly beautiful as it was, was not a face that I wanted to see.

"Cousin Apollo! How nice to see you again," she said, her cherry red lips curving into her usual sneer. "Cousin Aphrodite, if only that were true," I replied in a dispassionate tone. "Oh, but Apollo it is," her grin grew bigger, making her features more breath-taking if that was possible.

She wanted something. I could tell. If it was not for the fact she had something to hold against me, I would not of bothered with her childish games. "What do you want, slut," I snapped, giving up on playing Mr Nice Guy. Aphrodite's facial expression did not change.

"For me to know and you to find out." She smirked. Hell, I hated that bitch! "Oh," she added, her baby blues widening to give her the so-very-innocent look. "You might want to check on your precious Primrose." For a minute there, my immortal heart stopped. Yes, I know I hate to admit it, but I do have one. I could not breathe.

When I finally got the words out, it came out in a gasp. "What...What have you done to her?"

"Me?" She wore a face of mock disbelief. "I did nothing." Then she tilted her head back and succumbed to fits of heartless laughter. It sickened me.

I could not prevent the words that followed. They were sinful and even more so taboo as I uttered them to my own cousin. "I don't know why you were ever named the Goddess of Love. You are the ugliest slag that I have ever layed my eyes on. Not even Hades could bed you without taking a shower afterwards."

Aphrodite's cruel laughter was choked off. Her face went the deadly colour of crimson. I regretted instantly what I said. Not even an arsehole as big as me could find morality in those words. If I had not of jetted off, they would of been the last words I would of ever said.

I sped off in search of my once great love, Aphrodite's dark laughter echoing in my ears.

The End

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