Apollo - Opened EyesMature

I felt the internal warm blaze flare inside my heart, heating my core being and outstretching externally. The chains of ice that bound me to my cell began to melt away in a pool surrounding my feet. It was a struggle to open my eyes seeing as they had frozen shut. However, with great difficulty, I cracked them open.

This is the last time I ever mess around with the Goddess of Ice again, I thought bitterly. I shook the remaining slush around my wrists and ankles away. Groaning with the effort to stay awake, I slumped over to the cell door. I grasped the ice poles tightly to stop myself from collapsing. "Shiva," I called. "Let me out...You know I can't survive in a realm so opposing of my own! Not for as long as you are willing to keep me, anyway. Shiva, I need sunlight!"

I heard the impact of feet against snow. "Shiva," I gasped. "Shiva, is that you?" My vision had become blurred in the time of my frozen slumber. In fact, this polar light was blinding me! Despite all this, I could still see Shiva's incredible beauty. It was breath taking - or was that just the cold getting to me?

"Shiva...L-l-let me go." Her ice blue eyes narrowed as she stood in front of my cage. When she spoke, she spoke in tones colder than the artic regions. "But if I let you go, you shall never return." I shivered, though I was not sure if it was the weather or her presence. "Shiva," I whispered. "I will return, I promise."

"Your promises mean nothing to me," She snapped. I heard the ice below cracking. This was dangerous. I had to find another approach. One that would not end in the splitting of ice, utter terror and ruthless violence.

"Shiva, how I long to stroke your flawless pale cheeks and make them flush red with sexual desire. What I would not give to kiss your frozen lips just one more time. I could make them soft again, for my lips can melt yours with the passion I feel for you. I cannot do this if you render me captive. Shiva, I need to run my fingers through your hair again! For that, I would never look once at the sun again," I lied passionately.

It was working. Even the darkest and coldest of Goddesses cannot resist the emotion humans know as love. She leaned in towards the cage and it fell around me. Shiva's eyes were a-blaze with her feelings for me. I chuckled seductively. Then I turned and ran away. Faster than I had ever sprinted in my life.

I was going to pay for this later...

The End

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