"I have avoided you because I knew I had hurt you, I didn't want too, I didn't know how to tell you, I'm sorry you're right the Dark realm has caused you nothing but pain. That's why we lurk in the shadows we leave scars" Than words were close to my skin, our touching bodies fell into each other. He hugged me, his scent so familiar to my strong senses, silent tears fell remembering our kiss in this very room.

I hate my father for what he had done, how dare he choose who I should love. Once my coronation was over I was going to do something, something that would cause an up evil among the gods in both realms. I would get rid of the law. Dark and Light will be aloud to fall in love with each other!


Than stepped back then pulled out a black rose, it was beautiful and solid black, a dark realm flower.

"Here this is from me to you" He said as he placed the black rose in my blonde hair, I smiled in approval looking into crimson eyes. "Sleep now Princess you have a long road ahead of you". I nodded in agreement and made my way over to my bed, where not so long ago me and Thantos lay.

My fist was slightly hurting from where I hit Than, in fact I was hurting everywhere, even in my heart. I need to be in the woods, where the nature was at it strongest. But sleep was pulling me back and I fell with it.


"Princess...Wake up Princess...Your time is coming...Princess...Kill him...Princess...You got the dagger...Princess..."

I woke gasping for air hearing the purring whispering voice. I was shaking all over my body, sweat was dripping down my face, but I felt cold as ice.

"Az...Kkka...ban?" I whispered out loud, I could sense something and I didn't like it. I could still remember his little tricks from before. "Azkaban. Azkaban I know you're here, answer me spirit." I commanded. A cool breeze went over my body that was all I needed. "Afraid to show yourself?"

"More fun this way, Princess." His voice purred to me, and then he appeared in full gory. His very dark brown eyes fix on my golden ones, his dark blonde messy spiky hair, was cover by the hood of his dark blue with the sliver swills up his cloak. Then the strange symbol on the oval cloak, which I came to recognize as the symbol for spirits.

"Miss me much?" He asked smiling with his white teeth.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I tried to hide the fear out of my voice, but he could sense it.

"Reasons are my own Princess." As ever telling me nothing. "Have you ever heard of a Goddess called Anaxandra?" He asked.

"Anaxandra? Erm, no." I replied and it was the truth, when I ran away I forgotten some of the Gods and Goddess and some I didn't even know. "I haven't why?"

"She knows too much and now thanks to her and her little powers, Than knows what is in store for him." Anger was in his voice.

"What do you mean, I've got know idea what you are on about. What powers, what's her title?" The questions came pouring out.

"Anaxandra is the Goddess of Dreams, Nightmares, and the Unknown. Also and tip for you, she is neither Light nor Dark. But she not a big threat to you as such." Azkaban informed me.

"Why isn't she a threat?" I wondered.

"Your pureblood royal, she is the daughter of one of the Fates." Azkaban shrugged letting out a breath.

 "Now thanks to her Than demons are following me around like lost puppies, pleasing their master. But I'm cleaver then I look, I can lead false tails around the realms." A dark chuckle made my skin crawl. "Eventually they will find me and I'll be looking forward to that."

Azkaban turned to go then made his way over to me, I couldn't read the look in his eyes. Then he placed his pale skinned hand on my face, he moved his face close to my own.

"You will obey me, Princess of the Light Gods and Goddess." He words full of commandment as he spoke, his lips were close to mine, I couldn't move. "You will tell no-one of this meeting..." Then he kissed my frozen lips and disappeared like smoke.

I opened my eyes again and found myself in the woods of the Light realm. How did I get here? Azkaban he was in my room wasn't he? I could still taste his lips on my own. O'my god he kissed me! I groaned then looking down I found myself wearing my light blue dress, long silky with strips at the sides going high up my leg. My light blonde crinkled hair was half up in a lose bun and the rest flowing down my back like waves. I moved my hand to feel for the black rose that Than put in my hair last night, but it was gone. Must be in my bed I thought.

It felt good to be out here I felt like I was home, surrounded by the trees, smelling the sweetness of the wild flowers, hearing the birds in the sky, tasting the earth on my tongue. The morning sun coming up above the trees awakening the forest.

Ok I was where I was meant to be, but why was I missing the Dark realm?

"What's that face for, your home at last." Thantos voice amused I turned round but I couldn't see him. "Up here, Light Princess." He was sat in an Oak tree, his cloak hood was down, and he looked so exotic sitting there so out of place, in his dark clothes.

"I just can't get rid of you can I Thantos?" I smiled looking up to him.

"You led me on Princess this is your fault." He shrugged.

"Hmm didn't mean too, didn't know I did really. You didn't say no?" I raised my eyebrow. I could feel my power building stronger in my blood.

"I also didn't say that I didn't enjoy it. The kiss." He smirked thinking of last night, his lips against mine. "I came to warn you Primrose." Changing the subject and getting down to business.

I climbed up the tree with him. "Go on then."

"Azkaban he going after Than, going to kill him. But you already knew about that didn't you?" Looking at the needle mark on my arm.

"It makes sense. But I don't know how." I told him.

"I think you do, but he not letting you know right?" Thantos pointed out.

Princess...Wake up Princess...Your time is coming...Princess...Kill him...Princess...You got the dagger...Princess...' That was what he said to wake me up I thought.

"O'my god Thantos, he wants me to kill Than." I gasped out. Before I could look at Thantos face I could felt strange, then Azkaban voice came into my head. "Nicely done Princess, you just made this a lot more painful for them."

"Get out!" I thought to him

"Use your powers to knock him out. Do it!" He shouted. My body tensed up and I was drawing my powers together.

"Primrose what's wrong with you, your hair why is darker?" Thantos voice alarmed now. "Primrose what's happening?"

Then I hit Thantos and he fell hard to the ground, I made it so his body hit the hard sharp rocks.

Thantos didn't move a muscle as he lay on the ground. "What did you do!?" I shouted at Azkaban who had appeared standing by Thantos.

"Use your body. Come here." He barked. I moved without wanting to move from the tree. I went over to Thantos body there was some blood but he was breathing.

"Why"?! I shouted reaching for a yellow lily flower that was close by, then taking a petal off and placing it in my palm. I cut my right letting the blood mix with the yellow lily, using my healing powers it turned into liquid as I placed it in Thantos mouth. I felt a cool breeze go over my body, when I looked round Azkaban was gone.

Next time I see you Azkaban I'm going to kill you. I don't care if Than should because your killing him. Or Nyx for wanting to hurt Than. Or Thantos for doing this to him. No! I was, I'll do it myself, I prove myself to the Dark gods and Goddess that just because I was a Princess and Light Goddess, that I wasn't just gentle and sweet and innocent. I promise myself that I will kill you Azkaban you mark my words.  

The End

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