Thantos ushered me out of the room as I finished my warning, worry played across both Than and Nyx's faces. A slight bit of anxiety twinged at me at Than's words, warning that Azkaban may go after me now as well.

 With a gentle swoop of his hand, the God of Hell opened a portal, a window to Earth once more. Helios began to drive his magnificent charriot into the sky, Eos the Goddess of Dawn opening the horizion with her lovely pale pink fingers, the orangey light making my hair ripple slightly indigo. I was suprised at a slight feeling of relunctance as I left the dark tunnels of the Underworld. I was even further suprised as Thantos stepped through the portal with me, I swore Than had just meant for him to guide me from the dark realm.

 "Do you have a home?" wondered Thantos aloud, looking about the Earth for a brief moment.

  "No," I replied, looking into his strong eyes, afire with all different expressions. Oh, I longed to see his dreams, to see what thouhgts lay behind his face....I pulled myself from drifting into my own thoughts, continuing, "I wander wherever needs be, and find sleep in the arms of trees and sorts. Dreams happen anytime, and are everywhere; on the Heavens, on the Earth, and....even in the Underworld." The last words of my sentence nearly faded to a whisper, feeling I was being pulled into Thantos' burning gaze, smoldering like embers in the pit of a fire.

 For a moment we both were silenced, and even more did I wish to hear what he was thinking.   Suddenly, his eyes hardened, as if shielding some wild emotion and his strong voice broke the quiet, "Well, I should be off. If you ever are in need of anything...or danger befalls you,"  he paused, his eyes dashed with something of concern, though the slyness of a smile tugged at his lips as he said his final words, "You know where to find me."

 A blush colored my cheeks, my voice failing me as I frantically searched for something to reply. With another slight smile, and a gentle, "Farewell" he turned and disappeared into the portal.

 "Good-bye," I slightly murmured, though I stood alone, morning light playing warmly on my features. Even in the soft heat of the morning, I shivered, a slight happiness blossoming inside of me as I began to walk once more.


  I stood outside the small hut of a family of humans, a young girl inside cooking bread with her mother, day-dreaming of a handsome lover. I reveled in her dreams, lingering in them myself. I was completely absorbed in her dream, in her emotion, until a voice behind me pulled me from my bliss, jumping with great suprise.

  Nyx and Than stood before me, a portal closing behind them. The Goddess of the Night's face was tear-streaked and flustered, and Than's were determined and flaired with anger. I wondered what was wrong...

  "Anaxandra," Nyx began quite frantically. "Thantos has gone. Do you know where he is? When was the last you saw him?"

  I felt my heart involuntarily jump to my throat, panic immeaditly rising. I did not linger at my reaction of hearing of his disappearance, answering, "No, I do not know where he has gone. Last I saw him...." I drifted off for a moment, the brief memory only a little while back when we stood alone, staring at one another and feeling as if I was lost in time. "He had brought me back here and disappeared into the portal back to the Underground."

 The Goddess' eyes lit up with frustrantion, mixing with something of hopelessness. Than put his large hand gently on her arm, speaking ever so sweetly, "Do not worry, we shall stop to see Primrose. Perhaps she has some knowledge of him." With that he opened another portal, and then turned to step into it.

 "Wait!" I cried, making them turn somewhat suprised at my words. "Cannot I offer some assistance?"

 Nyx looked over me thoughtfully, "Of course." She nodded. "Come, we head to the Princess of the Light Gods." 

And with that I followed them into the swirling portal, my excitement of adventure mixing with anxiety over Thantos; Nyx seemed quite worked up. It must be of the utmost seriousness and Thantos may be in great danger.....



The End

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