Than and I were left alone again. He brushed a gentle hand over my cheek and I could hear worry in his thoughts. I hated it. I looked up at him, aware that he could see the concern in my eyes.

"Dont  worry Nyx, I am ok I just over reacted. I am sorry I cause you worry, but you haven't looked well lately, I suggest you rest" Than said softly, causing me to shake my head, my gaze not leaving his.

"Too many things are happening. I have no time to rest" I made an unconvincing show of being okay.

Than opened his mouth to protest when there was a knock at the door. We went to awnser but but Thantos just walked in. I felt Than tense at my side as soon as Thantos stepped through the door. The young Goddess next to him was what caught my attention. As Goddess of the Unseen, I recognised dream gods and goddesses, but she was one I had not met before. I caught a glance pass between them and made a note to talk to Thantos later.

 "What is it now Thantos?" Than spoke agressively, not initially noticing the girl.

"Who are you" I said gently to the Goddess. Her silvery black hair and pale skin gave her a wild, fey look, but it was her swirling silver eyes that caught my attention. They gave her position away and I realised as she spoke.

"My Name is Anaxandra I am Goddess of Dreams, Nightmares and the Unknown" She spoke in a musical, soft voice and her eyes fell on Than "I am here to inform you that an evil spirit named Azkaban has plots to kill you." I felt a surge of anger and shock, knowing the spirit from before Than had arrived. I glanced up at him, worried. Than took my hand before replying.

 "That spirit does not worry me. There is no reason." Than sounded confident but something in his tone didn't reassure me. There was a lie in there somewhere.

"If you do not heed my warning, you may be in grave danger," Her voice hardened and I felt my stomach drop. She was not lying at all. She flicked a glance at Thantos, who was watching her closely, then looked back to Than.

"Fate intertwines with his dreams. If anything, he will attempt and cause great havoc along the way. He may go after you not only physically, but also for those your heart cares so that he may draw you closer to him. You must prepare for his crazed plans, they will come in a time you least expect it." 

I remembered the last time Azkaban had made an attempt to destroy some of the Dark Gods. I tried to catch Thantos' gaze but he seemed transfixed by Anaxandra.

"Thank you for The warning Anaxandra, I will prepare for what is ahead and make sure no-one is harmed. However right now I am not concerned for myself but for you" Than spoke flatly, when Anaxandra looked up at him in confusion he carried on "You came and told me his plans to kill me ones he went so far as to drug a light Princess so I would not find out. If he comes after you, you come here at once and we will do everything we can to protect you. You have my word" Than finished on a softer note.

 "Thantos, take her back to where  she belongs, watch over her for a while and report back to us please?" I said, finally meeting his eyes. I leaned into Than more as he slipped his arm around my waist, supporting me.

"Yes Nyx. Come along Anaxandra time to go" He ushered her out, both looking relieved.

As soon as they left Than lifted me into his arms, ignoring my protests he carried me to bed and lay me down.

"I'm sorry Nyx but you need some rest. I will be here with youthe whole time I promise." He murmured softly to me, stroking a piece of hair from my face. I nodded as he settled down next to me, too worn out to argue anymore. I cuddled up next to him, feeling safe with his arms around me. Finally, I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

When I woke up, Than had also fallen asleep, his arms still holding me. I smiled at him, he looked so much gentler when he slept. More peaceful than threatening. After a while, he opened his eyes.

"Are you feeling better?" He said, seeing I was awake. I smiled back at him.

"Yes, thank you Than." I planted a gentle kiss on his lips. "I am going to check on Thantos." Than's face darkened. "He's my best friend, if people are going after you, chances are they might try hurting him because of that." I said. "I'll be back soon."

Than nodded, looking unhappy, but letting me go. I didn't like that he hated Thantos, but I couldn't figure out how to help the situation. I flashed to Thantos' house in Hell and found myself in a room that had been totally wrecked.

"Thantos!" I almost screamed as I saw blood spattered on some of the items.

THANTOS GOD OF HELL I SUMMON YOU TO THIS PLACE. I yelled, putting all of my powers behind it. He would hear the summons no matter what realm he was in and he would never ignore it, unless he had no choice. As the time stretched and there was no reply, I felt a cold wave of panic engulf me.

THANTOS! I screamed, still using my powers as a way of summoning him aswell. I ran out, into the Hell realm, blasting any souls which attempted to block me. I could feel the tears on my cheeks. He was nowhere in this realm, I could sense it. I flashed to where Cerberus was. The howls were almost excruciating to hear.

THANTOS GOD OF HELL, ANSWER THESE SUMMONS NOW. I let the call roll out across the Dark realm. Seconds later, Than had flashed to my side. He saw my face and pulled me into a hug. I began sobbing helplessly, certain that something had happened to my best friend, on top of everything that had happened since I had left exile.

"We'll find him Nyx." Than promised, holding me close. I pulled away from him.

"I cannot lose him Than." I said desperately. "Nothing will save these realms if I do."

The End

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