Nyx and I were left in her house, she looked up and abit looking anxious. I brushed her cheek with my hand, trying to soothe her. She looked weak lately more tired.

"Dont not worry Nyx, I am ok I just over reacted. I am sorry I cause you worry, but you havnt looked well lately I suggest you rest" I said softly she shook her head looking in my eyes.

"To many things are happening I have to time to rest" she said back trying to make her-self seem ok though I knew she wasnt.

I was about to protest more When the Door knocked, We went to awnser but Thantos just walked in I hardened my expression as soon as he stepped in. "What is it now Thantos?" The I finnally noticed there was a young girl with him. But quickly looked back at him.

"Who are you" Nyx questioned, the girl, finnaly drawing my attention to her.

She was Tall, slender elegant form, and had a strange  wild  fairy look . Her long hair was  black which looked slightly  silver. Her eyes were silver-grey and her skin is extraordinarily pale.

"My Name is Anaxandra I am Goddess of Dreams, Nightmares and the Unknown" She her voice was gentle and sweet Her gaze fell upon me. "I am here to inform you that an evil spirit named Azkaban has plots to kill you." I shacked by her words but made sure not to show it.

Nyx looked up at me looking worried, too many times she has looked at me like that, I slipped my hand into assuring it was ok. "That spirit does not worry me. There is no reason." I stated making sure I sounded confidant.

If you do not heed my warning, you may be in grave danger," She strengthened her own gaze, her voice hardening showing she was not joking. She looked up and Thantos then back to me Fate intertwines with his dreams. If anything, he will attempt and cause great havoc along the way. He may go after you not only physically, but also for those your heart cares so that he may draw you closer to him. You must prepare for his crazed plans, they will come in a time you least expect it."

"Thank you for The warning Anaxandra, I will prepare for what is ahead and make sure no-one is harmed. However right now I am not concerned for my-self but for you" I stated she looked confused so I carried on "You came and told me His plans to kill me ones he went so far as Drug a light Princess so I would not find out. If he comes after you, you come here at once and we will do everything we can to protect you. You have my word" I said softly.

She looked shaken as she just realised what danger she had put her in "Thantos, take her back to where  she belongs, watch over her for a while and report back to us please?" Nyx asked softly leaning on me more. I slipped my arm round her wait supporting her.

"Yes Nyx Come along Anaxandra time to go" He ushered her out she looked relieved. As he got to the door.

As soon as they left I lifted Nyx up into my arms Protesting for me to put her down. I ignored her and carried her to bed and lay her down."Im sorry Nyx but you need some rest. I will be here with youthe whole time I promise. I stroked a piece of hair from her face. She nodded. I sat xt to her on the bed.

She cuddeled up next me I smiled at her as she fell into a deep sleep she was so sweet when she slept. Truly at piece. I called upon my two trsty demons.

"Hello Master you called up" They both Chimed. giggling

"Alice, Alex I need you too watch every move Azkaban, I am aware he wants to end my life" I stated they both hissed and there eyes glowing red grom underneath there heads.

"Foolish Man He is Master we will do you bidding because we love our Master you protected us" Hissed Alice she was the Smarter on of the two.

"I will raward you later, but I cannot right now Go at once" I orded The both dissapeared into the Darkness again, as I watched Nyx in her silent slumber.

The End

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