I walked alone, somewhat frightened in the darkness. The silence made me shiver, my silvery eyes dashing about every which way in the obsurcity of the shadows.

 Suddenly Thantos appeared at my side, nearly making me jump from my skins, though I withheld a shriek of fright. "Sorry about earlier," he said, his voice gentler and kinder. I looked up into his face; he was slightly taller than me but quite tall with fine black hair tossed in a wild way. There was something in his eyes that made heat rise to my face, the darkness obscuring anything from showing. "But it is not safe to wander this realm without me or one of the monarchs. Best I take you."

 I smiled timidly. "Thank you," I murmured, feeling a slight relief at having another at my side as we walked in through the tunnels. I gazed at him from the corner of my eye, and had a feeling he was doing the same. I wished to know more of him, though could not muster the courage to say anything more.

At last we reached a door, I supposed it was home of Than, though I could not be sure. Thantos briefly knocked on the door, not waiting for a reply before he pushed it open. In an instant, I recognized the King of the Dark Gods, a Goddess at his side which I later identified at Nyx of the Night, her beauty and elegance showing through in an instant. In her presence I felt a small, innocent girl.

There was a chill in the air, both of the God's eyes hardening as soon as we stepped into the room. A flash of annoyance spread across Than's face as he said, "What is it now, Thantos?" his eyes flickering to me for a moment, though I felt Nyx's strong eyes steadily on me, observing intensly.

Thantos said nothing, turning to looking at me, waiting. I was unsure how to start, and Nyx asked softly, "Who are you?"

I gave my title for the second time that night, my eyes settling on Than as I continued, "I am here to inform you that an evil spirit named Azkaban has plots to kill you."

Nyx turned to him, her eyes flashing with worry. Than did not seemed anxious, his face and eyes remaining the same, though I noticed his hand slip into Nyx's, "That spirit does not worry me. There is no reason."

"If you do not heed my warning, you may be in grave danger," I strengthened my own gaze, holding my eyes with Than's as my voice hardened. A shiver went up my spine as I flicked my eyes at Thantos, realizing he was still looking at me with that same strange emotion in his eye that I could not identify. I returned my eyes to Than, warily warning, "Fate intertwines with his dreams. If anything, he will attempt and cause great havoc along the way. He may go after you not only physically, but also for those your heart cares so that he may draw you closer to him. You must prepare for his crazed plans, they will come in a time you least expect it."

The End

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