"Thantos what is this, kiss goodbye?" Primrose pulled back, but I could see she was not unhappy to see me.

"Your right Primrose." I stepped away. "I never let anyone get close to me, Nyx knows me but... even she doesn't know's hard to understand." I could hear the pain in my own voice. Though Nyx knew me better than anyone, I purposefully kept some distance. Everyone got burned. Even the Queen of the Night couldn't escape my hellfire.

"Why are you telling me this? I'm just the Light princess, who shouldn't even lock eyes with a Dark god, let alone step foot in his realm without a valuable excuse to be there." Her voice was hard and I felt the words like a slap.

"In all honesty Primrose, I don't actually know. Something about you. Primrose you don't show a lot about yourself either. Do you even know how you are?" I threw her words back in her face noting her gasp with a measure of satisfaction.

"What is it Primrose? You can give it out, but you can't take it? Figures." I spat venom at her, shurggin off her presence. I turned to go, but she grabbed my wrist. I could have broken away then but stayed.

"Be careful, Dark God. Remember who you're speaking to." Her voice was as cold as I ever heard it, a whisper of ice "A pureblood Princess, also remember where you are. You're on my turf now, Light realm in case you forgotten."

I caused all the light in the room to flicker out, grinning in the darkness. The moon streamed in, shadowing my face. Her heartrate accelerated, bringing warmth to my skin.

"Haven't we being here before, Princess?" My voice was deathly soft. The air between us almost crackled. She began pulling my wrist, I kept my eyes lowered in case their glow gave me away as she lead me to her bed. We sat on the end, one arm went around her waist, whilst the other one burshed the hair away from her golden eyes. She traced my cheekbone her other hand winding through my hair, sending chills through me. I mirrored her actions. When I traced her lips with my fingertips, her pupils dialated with desire. A wave of satisfaction went through me as I trailed my hand down along her neck, following her pulse over her shoulder. I followed mmy hand with my lips, delivering a trail of scorching kisses from her shoulder, to her collar bone, neck, cheeks and then I paused..

"Primrose." I let my breath dance across her skin.

"Rose you can call me Rose, Thantos." She whispered, placing a light kiss on my cheek, her hand moving in my hair.

"Nick names now?" I raised an eyebrow, amused.

She laughed with a sound like bells. "Thantos, kiss me."

"Whatever you say Princess Rose."  I purred, preventing a reply by lying my lips over hers, our hands leaving burning trails and chills on the other's body. I braced my self carefully over her, painfully aware of where we were.

Suddenly a feirce wind tore through the room, pulling me off Primrose. I slammed into Than who was looking murderous. He held an imperious hand up to Primrose whose eyes were wide, then angry.

"Thantos." His tone was dire to say the least. "Go back to Hell. Now"

I got up, defiance etched into every line of my body. Sneering I returned, "Who are you to tell me what to do"

"Me oh I happen to be God of the Underground and you know King of the Dark Gods. Go now" He let his voice ring in the same way Nyx's did when she was trying to control the Dark God's at Council. I smirked, winking at Primrose before conjuring a Portal out of there.

"Freaking Than. Someone should stick a boot in him where the sun don't shine." I muttered. Then grinned.

Least I got my kick.

Someone should change my station to God of Chaos. Might have given me an excuse to enjoy winding Than up so much.

Nyx was waiting for me when I got home. She looked worried and a wave of guilt went through me then. She was pretty much the only being I cared about right now. The others being Hades, who was the one who sorted which souls came to me. Unless they were perfect, I got a fair number.

"Thantos" Nyx murmured, a relieved smile breaking out on her face. She ran forward to hug me.

"I know what you're doing, just please be careful." She spoke against my chest, her voice cracking. I put my hand either side of her face to look at her properly for the first time in a long while.  Her skin was a shade paler than usual, to the point it was almost translucent and there were bruise-like shadows under her eyes. Her beautiful violet eyes, which normally glowed softly in this realm, were shadowed. There, I could read the strain and unhappiness that had dogged her.

I pulled her into a close hug.

"Nyx, after everything we have been through, you have been a better friend to me than I deserve." I said softly. I laid my cheek to the top of her head as she said nothing. "I still love you akra." I used an ancient endearment I used to call her all the time. She sighed.

"Akri." she whispered, the name she would call me in return. "You know I belong to Than."

Her soft words tore through me deeper than any weapon. "I know." I murmured, closing my eyes. "But I can't give up on you just yet."

She pulled away, tears in her eyes. "And Primrose? What of her Thantos?" She closed her own eyes and I moved forward to comfort her.

"Nyx, akra. Please-"

She shook her head, taking a half-step back and meeting my stricken gaze. "I want my best friend Thantos." She said, ever so softly."You, akri. As we used to be."

My throat closed up. I knew this moment would come eventually.

"As long as you want me, I will never leave your side." I said feircely, putting my arms round her. "You will never be alone." I said into her hair, letting the scent that was like spice and roses and all her invade my senses. I had missed her so much.

"Lets go back to mine." Nyx said finally.

We flashed back to her living room. For the first time in ages, we sat and talked, joking around like we used to. Though inevitably the conversation turned to Than. I had just finished explaining what had happened to Nyx, who looked pretty annoyed on my behalf, when the God himself appeared.

Oh speak of the Dev-" He cut me off with a slug to the jaw. I staggered back in suprise more than anything.

"You stupid God Thantos, one going after a Light Goddess who happens to be a Princess Kiss her on her bed. The you decide to dis Obey me" He went for me again, but Nyx grabbed his arm as I straightened up. I half wanted to fight the guy but Nyx gave me a warning look before turning the full power of those beautiful eyes on Than.

"Stop this foolishness now. I think we all better calm down and talk." She locked eyes with Than and you could see the tension flow out of him.

He's completely fallen for her..

I wayched in amazement as Nyx lead him into another room to cool off. After a few minutes I followed.

Than leaped up, but before he did anything I held my hands up.

"I'm not here to cause a fight Than." I said, my tone respectful for once. "For the record, Primrose came onto me." I glanced at Nyx before carrying on. "And I don't plan on a repeat experience. My loyalties are with this realm."

Nyx caught the meaning behind my words and gave me a small smile.

I took a Portal out before my fury gave me away. The sight of Thans hands twinned with Nyx's seared itself into my eyelids. I stormed into my house and was brought up short by the shape of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

"Who are you?" he demanded, his eyes shrewn with something of confusion.

 "Anaxandra." She murmured, blushing slightly. "Goddess of Dreams, Nightmares, and the Unknown."

 "Why have you come?" I asked, noting the gentle nature to her voice. It had tones remenicient of panpipes and flutes. Her skin glowed palely in the half-light and it looked so soft. I longed to touch it.

  She shifted, uncomfortable. "Than is in danger. A spirit named Azkaban has plans to kill him."

  At the mention of Than, my fury errupted again. I turned away so I didn't scare her, clenching my jaw. "Can you bring me to him?"

Her soft voice broke through and I calmed down. I feigned irritation, subduing my rage enough to talk.

 "He has gone that way," I pointed down a tunnel to the left.

 "Thank you," She brushed against me as she took the tunnel, leaving me aching and burning for her even more.

Get a grip. I told myself harshly, but her soft voice held me.

Shes neve going to handle this on her own.

Finding her powers, I teleported over to where she was.

"Sorry about earlier" I said, "But its not safe to wander this realm without me or one of the monarchs. Best I take you."
I tried not to let her see the desire I'm sure was in my eyes as she smiled.

The End

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